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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yet another disaster befalls our intrepid heroes...

Hold on to your pants... You just couldn't write this.

Yesterday morning the plumber finally rang to come and do the hot water cylinder. "Hurrah!" I thought. He didn't come himself though, but sent his 17-year-old gimp assistant. "Never mind" I thought. "I'm sure he knows what he's doing." W R O N G ! ! ! ! He's here for two hours while Roo and I are doing school work. We hear him using a blow torch on the pipes. Fair enough. We smell a burning smell. Nothing registers as I assume he's done this lots of times before. Then he says he needs to go off and get a part so Roo and I race upstairs to the loo before he comes back. OOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDD!!!!!!! This is what we found...

Not to mention this...

The complete eejit had blow-torched the pipes directly onto the wooden cupboard behind and set fire to the wood and everything in the airing cupboard above it (all our towels, tissues, toilet rolls, etc.) In a panic he'd dragged it all out and doused it with water and it had burned the carpet to a crisp!!! I was speechless with rage, but not for long! I rang Colin at work spluttering and fuming, then rang my Mum to tell her. I just couldn't believe it. The worst thing was that he was obviously trying to hide all our stuff because all I saw at first was a pile of towels. It wasn't till I moved them that I realised they were covering up lots of charred toilet rolls and stuff. We only have one towel now that isn't burnt.

I rang the half-wit's boss and told him to get round here to see what had happened, but of course it wasn't until Colin came home (cancelled meetings) and rang him again that he actually came. He had a foul mouth in front of Roo which I wasn't very pleased about, and wasn't very apologetic. He sorted it out and asked what we wanted to do about it. I felt like saying "Sue the arse off you of course!!" but he offered to not charge for the job (which would have been about £250-300.) My Mum has given us some off-cuts of nice quality lino that will fit our tiny bathroom, so I suppose all we have to buy are new towels. A lot less than £250. Ho hum.. The only thing is I'm mad at how it's affected Roo. About a year ago she had a few worries about house fires. I think she'd seen something on T.V (damn that thing.) It took her a long time to stop worrying that we'd have a fire and now this has brought it all back again :o((( She didn't want to go to sleep last night because she was worried and she won't go to the toilet on her own because she doesn't like the burnt carpet. Poor thing. I'm just so angry that we were sitting down here completely unaware of this and the house could have been burning down. Roo is six and she knows what is flammable and yet this doofus obviously thought that blow-torch flame + wood and tissue = ok!!

Anyhoo... We finally finished the Europe puzzle. Here's Roo putting in the last piece:

And she made a lovely indoor "Fun Box" for the pigs. Here they are enjoying it for a moment before they all jumped out and Roo was disappointed.

So yesterday whilst the moron was trying to burn the house down we did lots of maths from a workbook, weighed the two little pigs for the project and Roo wrote up a few sentences about how she made the "Fun Box". Colin also got the 3rd issue of Funny Bones for Roo, attached the spine and ribs and read the magazine to her. Oh yes, and Romy also got her second tip on her orange belt at TKD. That means only four weeks until Yellow Belt!! Nana and Grandad came to watch her lesson last night which she was v. v. chuffed about ;o)


Blogger dottyspots said...

(((((Hazel))))) that's horrendous!

Lovely pig photos though :0)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Thanks :o)
Trying to look on the bright side. At least it's been done for free now! Lol.

4:12 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

{{{{Hazel}}} I loathe workmen. Especially builders who promise stuff they can't deliver!

At least you've saved yourself a bit of money. Wonder if you could claim on the house insurance... ;) Bet they've had odder claims.

10:02 AM  

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