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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A very busy weekend.

Saturday morning was Roo's graduation. She did us proud I tell you! Here she is before her yellow belt:

And afterwards with her new belt and her (upside down) certificate :o)

After the graduation it was back home to pick Tilly up before we went to my Mum's for a brilliant Hallowe'en party. She'd gone to so much trouble for Romy and her three cousins. They all had a fab time. Here are the kids tucking in to the lovely spread she put on:

Me and Roo turning Colin into a frog...

And Tilly in her (rather poor) fairy costume, lol.
My brother, Richard had a good go at scaring Tilly half to death with this gorilla head on. She was none too pleased!

Talking of Tilly; she had another fit last night :o((( It was 12.30 and Roo got up to go to the toilet and said Tilly was acting funny. Colin got up to look at her and said she was having a fit. It only lasted for a couple of minutes but it was horrible, with lots of foaming at the mouth and involuntary weeing and pooing. Roo was a bit scared bless her. We tried to stroke her when we thought she'd come out of it but she went for us. She must have still been delirious. Poor thing.

On a happier note, today we went to our friend Denise's house to give in the xmas shoe-boxes we made. Roo had a lovely play with all the kids and Denise's wonderfully tolerant neighbour who Roo now adores because he let the girls climb all over him and pull him around. They collected loads of shoe-boxes and we got to munch some lovely home-made vegan almond biscuits. So thanks Denise! I think that was a fair trade, lol.

We had a couple of "Trick or treaters" earlier: Two 13-year-old girls with no costumes. I'm sure they wanted money (probably for fags ;o)) as they looked most perturbed when I gave them a lolly each. Ha!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Marmite with everything please!

Roo and I walked into Ashby this afternoon and made up a brilliant new game. We were in hysterics! Everyone we saw, we had to make up something funny about them. For instance, that man on the motorbike with a box on the back isn't just coming home from work, no, he's really a nasty goblin in disguise on his way to Fairyland to trick the fairies into believing he has a delivery of fairy dust for them when in fact he has a box full of sheep's eyeballs, squashed hedgehogs and frogs intestines. This went on all the way to the shops and, quite frankly I was glad to get there as I was running out of ridiculous things to make up, lol. I think I might have started something now though, so I'd better get my thinking cap on ;o)

Roo was excited to pick up her badges and certificates today from swimming. Unfortunately though, when we got there they weren't ready as the lady who types the certificates is on holiday and they're waiting for more 25m badges. A bit of a disappointment but never mind, something to look forward to next week.

I received a nice letter today from Sandra Hood who wrote the vegan infant book that Romy is in. I filled in a four day food diary on behalf of Romy last week as part of her on-going monitoring by Plamil as she was one of the babies featured in their booklet for new vegan parents. Anyway, Sandra had analysed Roo's food intake and it made very interesting reading. She said that her diet looks great and she's meeting her nutritional requirements for everything with the possible exceptions of B12 and Iodine. More Marmite and Vecon then it looks like! Her protein, calcium and iron intake were way above the RDI. I suppose they're the big ones that people worry about with a child on a vegan diet so I'm really pleased about those. Her calorie intake was only 75% of what it should be though, so I suppose an extra cake or two might be in order!

Graduation on the 'morrow, so had better go to bed!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Belly dancing beauty.

We had great fun today with a belly dancing DVD I got from eBay. Most of it was ok but there was much hilarity as we attempted to do some sort of 'snake body' thing and looked more like worms having a fit :o) I made sure we closed the blind, lol!! Romy looked quite the part with a shimmying scarf draped around her hips. Here's a pic:

It was Romy's last taekwondo lesson as an orange belt this evening. She's really looking forward to Saturday's graduation and very proud of herself. I think we're going to buy her some flowers as a surprise 'well done' gift. Whenever we see the flower section in a supermarket she always says "No-one ever buys me flowers." Bless. I know the feeling ;o)

We went for a lovely long walk last night before tea. It was very peaceful. The weather was so mild we hardly needed our coats. Also yesterday we went to see Nanny McPhee at the cinema and spent some time at the library reading lots of books. The film was great. We both loved the ending but for very different reasons; Romy loved the happy ending and the beautiful wedding dress, whilst I on the the other hand loved Colin Firth in a white shirt almost exactly the same as the one in THAT scene in Pride and Predjudice ;o)

We stayed up very late last night playing with the Barbie Pegasus activity DVD Romy got in her goody bag when we went to see the film with Emily and Nikki on Saturday. It's quite good, but of course Barbie keeps piping up "You can play the full version of this game on my new DVD, out in Fall 2005." Grrr... We also had a good play with a Wallace and Grommit CD-Rom we got free from Film Education. The best bit is where you get to add sound effects to clips of the film. At first we were very sensible and put what we thought were the most appropriate ones in. Then we had fun putting silly ones in, like blowing a raspberry when Grommit sat down in his car. Tee hee.

After that we had to go to bed and read the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, even though it was some ungodly hour in the morning. Never mind. I was quite happy to escape to Narnia with my girl for a while as the world seems to be crashing down around my head at the moment.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Feeling scrinkly :o(

It's been a funny old day today. I've had something on my mind all day so I've been a bit "scrinkly" as Colin puts it. Feel a bit better now after Colin told me to go and have a bath while he and Roo made some root vegetable and lentil soup :o) I laid back and looked through the new Lush catalogue dreaming of possible xmas pressies (hint@ Colin!)

Had a lovely afternoon at my friend Theresa's house today. The girl's had a good play and we had a good old chinwag and a laugh. She always makes me feel better as we have the same p.o.v on most things. Denise also rang for a chat this morning which was great.

We finished The Magician's Nephew last night, so we'll be starting on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tonight. Roo sat and read a few Puddle Lane books to herself this morning. I remember my sister having those when she was Roo's age. She's 21 now!

Here's Roo with a pair of curtain tassels that she made into people today. She then put on a lovely puppet show for me. Cute :o)

Off to the cinema and library tomorrow. Another Mummy/Daughter day, lol.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The agreeable sheep.

Roo and I did lots of craft activities today. Our greatest feat was making this...

It's made out of paper. We downloaded it from this site. It's a nodding sheep :o) You turn the handle and the cam shaft makes the head go up and down. Great fun, and not too hard to make surprisingly.

Other stuff we got up to includes starting a tapestry in longstitch, painting portraits of Tilly and painting expressively in black with fingers ;o)

We had a lovely dinner tonight with lots of strange organic veggies from the box scheme. We had purple cauliflower and purple cabbage. Cool!

Roo did really well at her taekwondo lesson tonight. She's becoming a bit of an expert with the nunchucks :o) Five days to graduation and counting!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Get ready for the readathon!

We've borrowed the Nanny McPhee book from Emily. I'm going to start reading it in a minute and see if we can finish it before Wednesday. That's when we're planning on going to the cinema to see the film. It's a very thick book, so wish me luck ;o)

Went to Asda today to spend our lottery winnings on dog food, hay and some clothes for us (a rare luxury!) Roo got some trainers which she needed desperately, some black tights, a long purple skirt and some jog pants (£2 bargain.) I got a bra, some trousers and a top v. cheap and Colin got a jumper for work.

Talking of bargains; we went into a charity shop yesterday and I got Roo the funkiest pair of hippy jeans for £1.19. I also got a few tops for my friend Theresa's little boy for 59p each. She loved them, even though she'd never dream of going into a charity shop herself. Weird eh?

Whilst we were in there Colin went next door to Toymaster to open a christmas savings club thingy for Romy's Playmobil noah's ark. We can't afford to pay it all at once, so this way we can pay it bit by bit knowing it's put away until December.

Colin (and Roo!) went up into the attic today to retrieve my wool and crochet hooks that have been up there for umpteen years. I didn't realise there was so much wool! And so many half started crochet projects. Don't know what to do with it all.

Went out for a lovely meal with my Mum and Stepdad today (thanks Mum!)

Here's a funny pic of little Toby attempting to hide in my slipper! He's such a little scaredy-pig that he just crawled in and thought he was completely hidden, lol. Bless him :o)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

We've won the lottery!!!

Well ok, only 4 numbers, but still ;o)

Went to the cinema for a free screening of Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus movie this morning. Romy was well chuffed to get a free goodie bag on the way in. On the way out one of the ladies who works at the cinema had dressed up as Barbie to greet the kiddies which Roo was also impressed with.

After the film we went for a mosey around town. We cadged five shoe boxes from a shoe shop for Operation Christmas Child. My friend Denise has organised a collection of filled shoe boxes for children who otherwise will have nothing this Christmas. So back at home we hunted round for stuff to put in them. We easily filled the boxes. We have one for a 2-4 yr old girl, one for a 5-9 yr old boy, two for 5-9 yr old girls and one for a 10-14 yr old girl. Lots of hair grips, scrunchies, cuddly toys, cars, bangles, etc that were laying around the house. We've also put a bar of soap in each, some crayons and an exercise book to draw in. Romy really enjoyed sorting it all out into the boxes.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Swimming success!

Romy managed her 25m tonight :o))))) So next week we pick up a badge for that and also her Dolphin level 2 award. Well done Roo!

Did some maths, music, dictionary games and handwriting today. Last night we played a fun game whereby we put the lights off and drew pictures. Then we switched them back on and had a laugh at the results.

Gotta go...

Woohoo, I'm obese!!

Having so far lost exactly four stone I have just calculated my BMI and now, instead of being classed as morbidly obese, I'm just obese. Yay! ROFL ;o)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whale Rider.

Went to see the film "Whale Rider" today. WOW! It was great. Denise and I sat blubbing all the way through it, lol. All the school children looked on enviously in their lines (whilst being shouted at by their teachers) while Romy, Katie and Lewis ran about and had fun as we were waiting to go in.

After the film they came back to ours for a play and a chat. It was so nice to have a long chit chat with Denise. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like. The girls had fun dressing up as princesses (do they need to dress up?) ;o)

Off to Narnia via bed now! Nighty night. x

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Off to Narnia!

It had to happen sooner or later; we started reading The Cronicles of Narnia last night. Read three chapters of The Magician's Nephew in bed. Of course Romy wanted more ;o) I thought it might be too old for her but she loved it. I must confess to never having read them myself, so it's the first time for both of us. We just finished The Wind in the Willows before we went on Holiday and if I never see another Enid Blyton book in my life I'll be happy, lol. These Narnia books should keep us busy for a while.

Have started chrocheting Roo a fab rainbow scarf. At the moment I'm doing lots of brightly coloured blocks from this book and then I'll join them all together into some sort of mish-mash of a scarf. I'm sure it'll look groovy anyway.

Been showing everyone the new vegan book that Romy is in. They seemed mightily impressed at Rainbows when Roo took it in for show and tell yesterday.

Went to The Deep today with Nikki and Emily. Saw some awesome sharks and stingrays. Bought Roo two of those mini dinosaur excavation kits from the gift shop. She's just about to do one now while we tidy up around her ;o)

Off to the cinema tomorrow with friends to watch The Whale Rider as part of schools film week. We get in for free :o)

Ooh, by the way, I finally mastered the plate spinning (after much rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles by Romy watching me drop it countless times!)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy, happy holidays :o))))

Well, we're back. I'm knackered after a VERRRRRY busy week. Our feet hardly touched the floor as we whizzed from activity to ride to show to swimming. My back and legs ached all week from all the walking. We took DVD's and puzzle books and stuff to do but didn't touch any of it. We got back to our apartment most nights at gone 10pm (after party dances with the Red Coats!) and went to bed at midnight. Up again before eight to fit in breakfast before the onslaught of activities!! We made friends with quite a few nice people too.

Here's Romy dancing during a break between shows on the first night:

And having a trampoline lesson first thing on Tuesday morning:

On Wednesday we spent some time in the kids clubroom with the lovely Redcoats Chris and "Curly Claire." Roo made a clown's bow tie and then had her nose painted red and learnt some circus skills. (We later had to buy a spinning plate from the shop to try and practice!)

Later we visited Billy Bear's pot shop, where you choose a pottery ornament to paint. Roo picked a duck and painted it brown as she'd decided it was female. The woman asked what "he" was called and Roo answered "Daisy Duck." "Ok" she said "I'll just wrap him up for you." Duh!That kept Roo chuntering for ages, lol. She's my little feminist ;o)

As we waited to pick the duck up when the paint had dried we went to play crazy golf. Here's Roo being very professional...

...And then collapsing in a fit of giggles because her ball went through a hedge!!

Here's Roo in a fancy dress competition in the beautiful witches costume that Nana made for her:

And here she is with two of The Skyline Gang. They did some excellent shows that Roo just LOVED!

And our favourite Redcoat Chris ;o)

On Thursday Romy's home ed friend Katie came to visit us for the day with her Mum, Denise and her Brother and friend. The boys went off go-karting and bowling whilst we girls watched the Cinderella pantomime, played lots and generally had a great time. Here are some piccies of the girls taking Butlins by storm :o)

Sorry to bore you with the slide show but we had such a busy time there was so much to photograph! I haven't mentioned half the stuff we got up to but I won't go on. It's taken me flippin' ages to do this because the photo thing has been playing up. Grrrr....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Must just blog the frogs!

Well, toads really. That doesn't rhyme though ;op We just went for a late-night walk with the dog and saw two toads on the pavement! Roo wanted me to blog that she'd held them. We were surprised when we saw the first one but then we couldn't believe there was another one. Tilly was most upset that we wouldn't let her eat them! Not really the best idea to go for a walk in the dark after the rain. We had to dodge a million and one snails, slugs and worms. Roo got to wear her new spotty wellies though :o)


Wednesday was spent at Sundown Adventureland with Emily and Nikki. There seemed to be only about six other people there! Some of the stuff there is seriously freaky though and Roo (even at six) found bits of it scary. Anyone who's been there will know what I mean when I say "Pet Shop". Spookeeee!! Anyway, Here's Roo being Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage ;o)

And sitting on some giant After Eight Mints with Emily (as you do.)

Also on Weds Romy got her graduation letter at TKD. It's going to be on Sat the 29th. So only three weeks until her yellow belt. Exciting stuff! She's doing really well and her kicks are becoming very strong and controlled. She was v. chuffed recently to be picked to demonstrate a couple of things to the class :o)

Romy's spent a lot of time on Petz 5 over the past few days Can't keep up with all the babies they're having. I think she's running some secret breeding programme to take over the world with cyber petz! Thing is, she never remembers to feed the bleedin' things. She' just likes spraying them with "love spray" to make them fall in love ;o) Her interest in her Neopets was briefly resumed the other day when I informed her I'd got enough neopoints to buy another rainbow petpet paint brush. All of her pets and petpets are rainbow coloured now except for one pet. Her username is romyroo1 if anyone has an account.

The papier mache animals were a wash out. The pieces looked nothing like they were supposed to when we took them out of the molds. So we scrapped that idea and used plaster of paris instead. Unfortunately though, that wouldn't stick together. Poo! Never mind. Roo made a lovely plaque from some left over plaster and engraved a picture on it.

Thursday was spent mainly reading. We found "The Worst Witch" in Romy's cupboard and I read the whole of it to her in one go. That didn't seem to be enough however, as I then had to read the first three books in a nine-book-set of "The Wind in the Willows". Phew!! I was a bit hoarse by the end of it. I don't mind though as I absolutely LOVE reading stories to Roo. We've come a long way from the days of picture books with two or three words per page, lol.

Yesterday we did quite a lot of work: Romy helped me to compile a list of things to take to Butlins using Word on the PC: She played her guitar to herself, making up some beautiful songs; We started a bar graph to record the guinea pig's growth. I plotted the axes and increments whilst Roo drew in the bars and wrote the title and key; Romy did some of a tapestry kit; Did the second on-line maths lesson in the free trial from Meleto; We wrote out a family tree going back five generations; Roo wrote a letter to her friend Katie; We filled in her scrapbook diary about Sundown; Roo read a book to herself "Princess Smartypants" by Babette Cole (Gawd, that woman's insane ;o)) Finally Romy had fun at her swimming lesson. Her friend Abigail has her lesson at the same time at the other end of the pool, so they enjoy playing together before and afterwards on the way home.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Crafty goings on.

We've had a day of craft today. We made some Halloweeny Hama bead stuff. Romy's is the cat and mine's the glow-in-the-dark skeleton.

Can't remember who's bloomin' idea it was to mix up all the colours but it took us AGES to find all those blacks! We also started making some papier mache animals using a Hasbro Get Set! kit. We've left it to set now before we paint it. We also did some maths from a workbook and tried the on-line free trial lesson of this maths course.

When we went to the supermarket the other day, we picked up one of those cardboard trays that apples come in. As usual we thought "Ooh, we could do something good with that!" LOL. But for once we did. Roo had the great idea of making a dogs and cats draughts game using her Animal Hospital animals. Here it is:

We're off to Sundown Adventureland with Emily and Nikki tomorrow. Should be good. Roo's at rainbows tonight and Colin's teaching first aid after that till late so we won't see him much this evening.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The mother of all growth spurts!

Romy stood against me the other day and I just had this feeling that she'd grown several centimetres. I was right! In the 4 months since her birthday she's grown 4 1/2cm. This is the same amount as she grew in the whole 12 months previously. She's now 129cm (4ft 2 ish.) According to this height chart she's off the scale, lol. It must be all those chocolate soya milkshakes, chocolate yoghurts and tofu she's been scoffing recently! All that calcium. Who needs cow's milk? :o) I also checked her BMI on that site. At 16-point-something it's perfect for a kid aparrently.

Off swimming this afternoon with Emily and Nikki. Better go and shave my legs ;o) Wish there was a swimming costume that gave you a model's body, rofl!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Off on our hols!

Have just impulsively spent some of the money we were going to use to pay for the plumber to book Roo and I in at Butlins for a midweek break. We're going on the 10th (ooh, next week!) They only had gold accommodation so we'll have a bit of luxury for once :o) It was remarkably cheap to say it's dinner, bed and breakfast. Just £16 per night.

Romy is busy helping Colin to put the new lino down in the bathroom. Went to my Mum's yesterday and Robert (my step-dad) had re-decorated theirs and it looks amazing. We've got something to aim for then ;o)

I bought a nice Felicity Wishes cross-stitch kit on Friday to try and aid me in my quest to de-stress. I haven't done any cross-stitch for ages. Got it from the garden centre when we went with Nikki and Emily. We had a sneaky peak at the xmas shop they were almost ready to open. We went back with Colin yeaterday and it was fully open. Weird feeling walking around looking at xmas baubles in your flip flops, lol.

Tilly is busy eating half a coconut out of the shell. Surreal.