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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Belly dancing beauty.

We had great fun today with a belly dancing DVD I got from eBay. Most of it was ok but there was much hilarity as we attempted to do some sort of 'snake body' thing and looked more like worms having a fit :o) I made sure we closed the blind, lol!! Romy looked quite the part with a shimmying scarf draped around her hips. Here's a pic:

It was Romy's last taekwondo lesson as an orange belt this evening. She's really looking forward to Saturday's graduation and very proud of herself. I think we're going to buy her some flowers as a surprise 'well done' gift. Whenever we see the flower section in a supermarket she always says "No-one ever buys me flowers." Bless. I know the feeling ;o)

We went for a lovely long walk last night before tea. It was very peaceful. The weather was so mild we hardly needed our coats. Also yesterday we went to see Nanny McPhee at the cinema and spent some time at the library reading lots of books. The film was great. We both loved the ending but for very different reasons; Romy loved the happy ending and the beautiful wedding dress, whilst I on the the other hand loved Colin Firth in a white shirt almost exactly the same as the one in THAT scene in Pride and Predjudice ;o)

We stayed up very late last night playing with the Barbie Pegasus activity DVD Romy got in her goody bag when we went to see the film with Emily and Nikki on Saturday. It's quite good, but of course Barbie keeps piping up "You can play the full version of this game on my new DVD, out in Fall 2005." Grrr... We also had a good play with a Wallace and Grommit CD-Rom we got free from Film Education. The best bit is where you get to add sound effects to clips of the film. At first we were very sensible and put what we thought were the most appropriate ones in. Then we had fun putting silly ones in, like blowing a raspberry when Grommit sat down in his car. Tee hee.

After that we had to go to bed and read the first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, even though it was some ungodly hour in the morning. Never mind. I was quite happy to escape to Narnia with my girl for a while as the world seems to be crashing down around my head at the moment.


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