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Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy, happy holidays :o))))

Well, we're back. I'm knackered after a VERRRRRY busy week. Our feet hardly touched the floor as we whizzed from activity to ride to show to swimming. My back and legs ached all week from all the walking. We took DVD's and puzzle books and stuff to do but didn't touch any of it. We got back to our apartment most nights at gone 10pm (after party dances with the Red Coats!) and went to bed at midnight. Up again before eight to fit in breakfast before the onslaught of activities!! We made friends with quite a few nice people too.

Here's Romy dancing during a break between shows on the first night:

And having a trampoline lesson first thing on Tuesday morning:

On Wednesday we spent some time in the kids clubroom with the lovely Redcoats Chris and "Curly Claire." Roo made a clown's bow tie and then had her nose painted red and learnt some circus skills. (We later had to buy a spinning plate from the shop to try and practice!)

Later we visited Billy Bear's pot shop, where you choose a pottery ornament to paint. Roo picked a duck and painted it brown as she'd decided it was female. The woman asked what "he" was called and Roo answered "Daisy Duck." "Ok" she said "I'll just wrap him up for you." Duh!That kept Roo chuntering for ages, lol. She's my little feminist ;o)

As we waited to pick the duck up when the paint had dried we went to play crazy golf. Here's Roo being very professional...

...And then collapsing in a fit of giggles because her ball went through a hedge!!

Here's Roo in a fancy dress competition in the beautiful witches costume that Nana made for her:

And here she is with two of The Skyline Gang. They did some excellent shows that Roo just LOVED!

And our favourite Redcoat Chris ;o)

On Thursday Romy's home ed friend Katie came to visit us for the day with her Mum, Denise and her Brother and friend. The boys went off go-karting and bowling whilst we girls watched the Cinderella pantomime, played lots and generally had a great time. Here are some piccies of the girls taking Butlins by storm :o)

Sorry to bore you with the slide show but we had such a busy time there was so much to photograph! I haven't mentioned half the stuff we got up to but I won't go on. It's taken me flippin' ages to do this because the photo thing has been playing up. Grrrr....


Blogger Kris said...

Welcome home! Looks like you had a fab time - you know, Butlins is something I've never even thought about doing but it sounds like a great way to spend a quiet autumn week. You must fill me in when I see you next!

And yes, I have similar feelings when reading Nikki's blog ;) lol

1:46 PM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Yep, it's great fun!

Just read Nikki's blog from this week and it's filled with lots of super educational things. I'd feel inadequate if she weren't such a good friend ;o) I think I'll ask if Roo can join in with those Italian lessons (and me!)

3:31 PM  

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