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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Marmite with everything please!

Roo and I walked into Ashby this afternoon and made up a brilliant new game. We were in hysterics! Everyone we saw, we had to make up something funny about them. For instance, that man on the motorbike with a box on the back isn't just coming home from work, no, he's really a nasty goblin in disguise on his way to Fairyland to trick the fairies into believing he has a delivery of fairy dust for them when in fact he has a box full of sheep's eyeballs, squashed hedgehogs and frogs intestines. This went on all the way to the shops and, quite frankly I was glad to get there as I was running out of ridiculous things to make up, lol. I think I might have started something now though, so I'd better get my thinking cap on ;o)

Roo was excited to pick up her badges and certificates today from swimming. Unfortunately though, when we got there they weren't ready as the lady who types the certificates is on holiday and they're waiting for more 25m badges. A bit of a disappointment but never mind, something to look forward to next week.

I received a nice letter today from Sandra Hood who wrote the vegan infant book that Romy is in. I filled in a four day food diary on behalf of Romy last week as part of her on-going monitoring by Plamil as she was one of the babies featured in their booklet for new vegan parents. Anyway, Sandra had analysed Roo's food intake and it made very interesting reading. She said that her diet looks great and she's meeting her nutritional requirements for everything with the possible exceptions of B12 and Iodine. More Marmite and Vecon then it looks like! Her protein, calcium and iron intake were way above the RDI. I suppose they're the big ones that people worry about with a child on a vegan diet so I'm really pleased about those. Her calorie intake was only 75% of what it should be though, so I suppose an extra cake or two might be in order!

Graduation on the 'morrow, so had better go to bed!


Blogger Kris said...

LOL @ the imagining game. I still do that when driving on the motorway - kind of 'wonder where they're going/what they're doing' etc. Supposed I should start including Myf in them! :P

I'd be interested in knowing what kinds of stuff you feed Romy. Having battles with Myf and food now, first time we've ever struggled in getting her to eat.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Hi, do you make your own bread? I add kelp powder to ours and that helps with the iodine and I do use a fortified soya milk and margarine for the B12. Have you read "plant based nutrition and health" by stephen Walsh- he deals with the B12 and Iodine issue really well.
I think the last time my Mum (nutrition professional) analysed Pip's diet she was a little under calories but she doesn't have a large appetite and has stayed on the same centile for several years.

Bravo for the iron and calcium ;-)

2:12 AM  
Blogger Hazel said...

We do use fortifued soya milk and margerine. It obviously wasn't enough though. That's a great idea about the kelp powder, thanks :o)
Roo is extremely tall for her age, so obviously the calorie issue can't be that bad. She's constantly eating too, so I can't quite work that one out, lol!

2:29 AM  

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