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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Off on our hols!

Have just impulsively spent some of the money we were going to use to pay for the plumber to book Roo and I in at Butlins for a midweek break. We're going on the 10th (ooh, next week!) They only had gold accommodation so we'll have a bit of luxury for once :o) It was remarkably cheap to say it's dinner, bed and breakfast. Just £16 per night.

Romy is busy helping Colin to put the new lino down in the bathroom. Went to my Mum's yesterday and Robert (my step-dad) had re-decorated theirs and it looks amazing. We've got something to aim for then ;o)

I bought a nice Felicity Wishes cross-stitch kit on Friday to try and aid me in my quest to de-stress. I haven't done any cross-stitch for ages. Got it from the garden centre when we went with Nikki and Emily. We had a sneaky peak at the xmas shop they were almost ready to open. We went back with Colin yeaterday and it was fully open. Weird feeling walking around looking at xmas baubles in your flip flops, lol.

Tilly is busy eating half a coconut out of the shell. Surreal.


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