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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Off to Narnia!

It had to happen sooner or later; we started reading The Cronicles of Narnia last night. Read three chapters of The Magician's Nephew in bed. Of course Romy wanted more ;o) I thought it might be too old for her but she loved it. I must confess to never having read them myself, so it's the first time for both of us. We just finished The Wind in the Willows before we went on Holiday and if I never see another Enid Blyton book in my life I'll be happy, lol. These Narnia books should keep us busy for a while.

Have started chrocheting Roo a fab rainbow scarf. At the moment I'm doing lots of brightly coloured blocks from this book and then I'll join them all together into some sort of mish-mash of a scarf. I'm sure it'll look groovy anyway.

Been showing everyone the new vegan book that Romy is in. They seemed mightily impressed at Rainbows when Roo took it in for show and tell yesterday.

Went to The Deep today with Nikki and Emily. Saw some awesome sharks and stingrays. Bought Roo two of those mini dinosaur excavation kits from the gift shop. She's just about to do one now while we tidy up around her ;o)

Off to the cinema tomorrow with friends to watch The Whale Rider as part of schools film week. We get in for free :o)

Ooh, by the way, I finally mastered the plate spinning (after much rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles by Romy watching me drop it countless times!)


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