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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Wednesday was spent at Sundown Adventureland with Emily and Nikki. There seemed to be only about six other people there! Some of the stuff there is seriously freaky though and Roo (even at six) found bits of it scary. Anyone who's been there will know what I mean when I say "Pet Shop". Spookeeee!! Anyway, Here's Roo being Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage ;o)

And sitting on some giant After Eight Mints with Emily (as you do.)

Also on Weds Romy got her graduation letter at TKD. It's going to be on Sat the 29th. So only three weeks until her yellow belt. Exciting stuff! She's doing really well and her kicks are becoming very strong and controlled. She was v. chuffed recently to be picked to demonstrate a couple of things to the class :o)

Romy's spent a lot of time on Petz 5 over the past few days Can't keep up with all the babies they're having. I think she's running some secret breeding programme to take over the world with cyber petz! Thing is, she never remembers to feed the bleedin' things. She' just likes spraying them with "love spray" to make them fall in love ;o) Her interest in her Neopets was briefly resumed the other day when I informed her I'd got enough neopoints to buy another rainbow petpet paint brush. All of her pets and petpets are rainbow coloured now except for one pet. Her username is romyroo1 if anyone has an account.

The papier mache animals were a wash out. The pieces looked nothing like they were supposed to when we took them out of the molds. So we scrapped that idea and used plaster of paris instead. Unfortunately though, that wouldn't stick together. Poo! Never mind. Roo made a lovely plaque from some left over plaster and engraved a picture on it.

Thursday was spent mainly reading. We found "The Worst Witch" in Romy's cupboard and I read the whole of it to her in one go. That didn't seem to be enough however, as I then had to read the first three books in a nine-book-set of "The Wind in the Willows". Phew!! I was a bit hoarse by the end of it. I don't mind though as I absolutely LOVE reading stories to Roo. We've come a long way from the days of picture books with two or three words per page, lol.

Yesterday we did quite a lot of work: Romy helped me to compile a list of things to take to Butlins using Word on the PC: She played her guitar to herself, making up some beautiful songs; We started a bar graph to record the guinea pig's growth. I plotted the axes and increments whilst Roo drew in the bars and wrote the title and key; Romy did some of a tapestry kit; Did the second on-line maths lesson in the free trial from Meleto; We wrote out a family tree going back five generations; Roo wrote a letter to her friend Katie; We filled in her scrapbook diary about Sundown; Roo read a book to herself "Princess Smartypants" by Babette Cole (Gawd, that woman's insane ;o)) Finally Romy had fun at her swimming lesson. Her friend Abigail has her lesson at the same time at the other end of the pool, so they enjoy playing together before and afterwards on the way home.


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