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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A very busy weekend.

Saturday morning was Roo's graduation. She did us proud I tell you! Here she is before her yellow belt:

And afterwards with her new belt and her (upside down) certificate :o)

After the graduation it was back home to pick Tilly up before we went to my Mum's for a brilliant Hallowe'en party. She'd gone to so much trouble for Romy and her three cousins. They all had a fab time. Here are the kids tucking in to the lovely spread she put on:

Me and Roo turning Colin into a frog...

And Tilly in her (rather poor) fairy costume, lol.
My brother, Richard had a good go at scaring Tilly half to death with this gorilla head on. She was none too pleased!

Talking of Tilly; she had another fit last night :o((( It was 12.30 and Roo got up to go to the toilet and said Tilly was acting funny. Colin got up to look at her and said she was having a fit. It only lasted for a couple of minutes but it was horrible, with lots of foaming at the mouth and involuntary weeing and pooing. Roo was a bit scared bless her. We tried to stroke her when we thought she'd come out of it but she went for us. She must have still been delirious. Poor thing.

On a happier note, today we went to our friend Denise's house to give in the xmas shoe-boxes we made. Roo had a lovely play with all the kids and Denise's wonderfully tolerant neighbour who Roo now adores because he let the girls climb all over him and pull him around. They collected loads of shoe-boxes and we got to munch some lovely home-made vegan almond biscuits. So thanks Denise! I think that was a fair trade, lol.

We had a couple of "Trick or treaters" earlier: Two 13-year-old girls with no costumes. I'm sure they wanted money (probably for fags ;o)) as they looked most perturbed when I gave them a lolly each. Ha!


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