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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bye-bye Birdie.

Well the dove was doing ok (apart from the fact that it kept falling over and struggling to get back up) and we were getting quite attached to it :o) However, I rang my vet friend to ask what I should do and she said get rid of it as it may have botulism :-O Eek! So I rang the RSPCA and they told me to take it to Ashby road vets and they would treat it for free. So off it went. I'm assuming they put it to sleep as the receptionist didn't seem at all bothered :o( Oh well, we tried I suppose.

'School' work over the past couple of days has been mainly environmental/nature stuff. We've decided to do a mini-project, although after looking through some worksheets my friend Denise sent me about environmental issues, I'm not sure mini is quite the word! There's tonnes of great stuff there so it might end up a wopper! Yesterday Roo drew a beautiful picture depicting a tree changing throughout the seasons. She then labelled it. She did a leaf cross-word type thing. She had to identify each leaf and write it down in the boxes provided to reveal the word HORSECHESTNUT reading vertically through the words. Later on Romy decided to do some leaf printing, making a lovely tree picture. She also did some leaf dot-to-dots and colouring using different textures.

We've also done some more dictionary work. Romy read several word definitions and then found the right answer in the dictionary and wrote it down. We also found time to do some handwriting and spelling.

Went for a walk up to Ashby this afternoon to buy birthday pressies for two of Romy's cousins. It should be against the law to have birthdays in November and December ;o) My brother and step-dad's are also coming up in November too. Some years I've thought myself very organised and got all my xmas presents early and then had to give them theirs as birthday presents and buy more for xmas, lol. Hmm, no chance of that level of organisation this year. Haven't even thought about xmas shopping yet. Can you believe there's a house near us that's decorated up with millions of lights and stuff already?! In fact it has been for a couple of weeks. Madness!


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