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Monday, November 07, 2005

Exciting goings on in the world of TKD...

The Powers That Be at taekwondo finally stopped being cagey about the price of joining the leadership team (which includes the price of doing XMA) and told us tonight. I must say it wasn't anywhere near as horrendous as I thought it would be. Another £10 a month and you get loads of benefits. Romy will get a special leadership team uniform and t-shirt, training in Extreme Martial Arts, leadership team class with Master Turner, to be part of the demo team at galas, fetes, etc, and automatic upgrade to the Masters training course at green belt (which would have cost us another £10 a month anyway.) Oh yes and she may get to help teach the Little Dragons class which she seems most excited about out of everything, lol. This is despite the fact that at six she should still actually BE in the Little Dragons! ;o)

Went swimming this afternoon and I nearly caught hypothermia!! I could barely speak as my teeth were chattering so badly and I actually had goose pimples UNDER the water. Didn't know that was possible! Roo and I had to cramp ourselves into a single bloody changing cubicle so it took us even longer than usual to get changed :o(

This morning Romy did some more work from the Dictionary Games book. She had to look up the first and last word listed for each letter in her Dick 'n' Arry and write them down. She also drew a very good guinea pig on an online drawing programme at Art.com.

Off for a long walk in the dark with a mad dog now.


Blogger Nikki said...

Oooh, good news about XMA. Can't wait to see those backflips!! Love Nikki & Emily xx

9:56 AM  

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