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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fireworks fun.

Went round to Emily's for fireworks last night. We couldn't stay long as we'd left Tilly at home with the radio on but it was nice. Romy held a sparkler for the first time in years. Don't think she was too sure about that (or the fireworks.) She was over the moon to see Emily again though and the two of them spent much of the time huddling inside watching the display through the window, lol. Here they are trying to force a smile!

Here are the girls enjoying a sparkler...

Today we went to my Mum's for Sunday dinner again. (Lovely, Mum, thanks.) She played pet shops with Roo after tea. She's such a great Nana. Romy's so lucky. Tilly made her poor cat run away and hide again :o( That sixth-sense cats have must've told her Tilly was coming and off she ran. Mum texted me to say she'd been found though.

Bought Roo a magic set from Asda yesterday. It was only £5 but it's great! She had a whale of a time showing Nana and Grandad and my brother all her tricks this afternoon.

Romy's Taekwondo academy are introducing XMA (Extreme martial arts.) Roo is very interested so we're waiting to see how much it is. I need to get off my bum and start earning some money. We really struggle on one wage. All I need is a few reiki clients a week and I could pay for Colin to do TKD too. He desperately wants to. I think the best bet would be to go to client's homes as we have no room here. Watch this space...

Better go. Am going to ring my friend Amanda for a good hour-long gossip. Don't speak to her very often so it'll be good to catch up.

Ooh, BTW, Roo finally got her badges and certificates for swimming on Friday. Forgot to take them to my Mum's today for her to use her machine to sew them onto her towel :o( Might have to actually get the needle and thread out. *Gasp.*


Blogger Amanda said...

OOO...firework party sounded fab to me. I was really boring and stayed indoors and listened to all the fireworks going off outside. I didn't even get up to look out of the window (lol)!!

2:36 PM  

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