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Monday, November 28, 2005

Getting all festive.

We seem to have been very Christmassy this weekend, even down to Romy having the obligatory pre-Christmas cold.

On Friday night we rushed from Roo's swimming lesson over to Barton to their Xmas festival. It was a bit of a wash-out as it ended up raining, but not before we'd had a good look around and Roo had been on a couple of rides...

It was my Brother's and Step-Dad Robert's birthday too so we took pressies and cards. Poor Robert wasn't very pleased though when we encountered some great Numpty standing on the street corner offering to guess your age right or give you a prize. We got sucked in and first my sister-in-law handed over £2 to be told she looked 28. She was chuffed as she's nearly 35. Then my sister was told she must be 18. She's 21. Aaah, thinks me, I know what he's doing. He's saying a few years younger than he really thinks. People are flattered and win a crappy 50p teddy and he pockets the other £1.50!! However my theory was shattered when Robert decided to have a go (yes, my family are a bit mad) and was told 57. Oh deary, deary me, it was his 54th birthday! ROFL. Needless to say he was none too pleased and the rest of us congratulated ourselves on resisting public humiliation and scarpered quick ;o)

On Saturday morning at Romy's Leadership class at TKD she volunteered to come out in front of the class (of children and adults) to lead the student creed. It's something that they have to all say at the beginning of each class and the first verse goes thus: "I shall develop myself in a positive manner, and avoid anything that may reduce my mental growth or my physical heath." All the other students had to follow her and then say "Miss" at the end. I thought my heart was going to burst with pride! She was very quiet, but she did it. Afterwards Master Turner asked her how old she is and when she said six everyone went "aaahh."

On Saturday Colin went on his annual pilgrimage to the attic to retrieve the xmas dec's. If Romy was excited and hyper it was nothing compared to the bleedin' dog!! Her favourite thing to do now is set off a singing bird we have by barking. Hmmm, I can see the batteries may mysteriously 'run out' on that soon and we may not be able to find any more, lol.

While Colin and Roo started putting the tree and lights up I used the rest of the wool left over from making myself a shawl to make Roo some little sleeping bags for her dolls house.

Yes, I'm now the proud owner of a grey Granny shawl, lol. I'll have to get Colin a pipe and slippers now so that we can settle into our old age ;o) Come to think of it, that's a very mainstream set of sleeping bags. I should have done one A la Attachment Parenting. (Denise will know what I mean ;o))

By the time we'd hung our usual mish mash of ornaments and tinsel on the tree it looked very... erm..eclecticic shall we say. 'Nuff said!

Sunday was spent driving round various garden centres, we bought some bread from the windmill in Kirton and went to the pound shop in town to buy Chrissy presents. (Yes, I know we're cheap! Anyway, I prefer the term 'frugal' :o)) We also went to visit Colin's Dad, and that Folks, was our weekend.

We're now going to have a relaxing December education-wise after hearing from my friend the other day that her daughter had spent Friday afternoon at school "Drawing a strawberry." Okaaaaay, less guilt for me when we don't manage to get as much done as I'd like then! An afternoon of Christmas crafts I think (after handwriting practice)...


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