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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I out-rank you Daddy!

Well, Colin has taken the plunge (due to a half-price offer and a contribution from his Mum) and started Taekwondo. Romy is delighted to have a two-belt head start on him ;o) He should call her 'Miss' really, rofl! Here they are together:

I must say he's doing really well. We're proud of him. It does, however mean that I may as well take my sleeping bag and pillow to that place as we seem to be living there now!!

Yesterday we went on a Fish Rescuing Mission in the garden. The temporary home for the goldfish (i.e paddling pool) was covered in an inch-thick layer of ice and it was a struggle remembering (and bothering!) to go out and feed them every day. So we decided to bring them into the conservatory (a very posh name for a very shabby lean-to.)We filled the tank with the icy water and set about baling the rest of it out in an attempt to find the fish who were well hidden in the murky water. We found five of the six and feared the other one had expired and been cannibalised until colin noticed it inside the air chambers of the wall of the pool!!! There was water in there as there was a leak but still, it must've got in through a tiny hole and goodness knows how long it had been swimming about in there, lol. Anyway, before we started baling there was the more important task of smashing the huuuuge sheet of ice up ;o) Here's Roo having a smashing time!

I finally finished the rainbow crocheted scarf last night, and it's a monster!! I'm not quite sure how practical it is, but never mind. It'll certainly get the wearer noticed if anyone ever dares to do so ;o)

Roo had a great time at XMA yesterday. Everyone was "Aaaah-ing" at her as she tried to keep up with the super-fast routine. She's by far the youngest in the class and she looked soooo cute! In the words of Gloria the hippo from Madagascar "I could just dunk her in my coffee!"


Blogger Jules said...

I *LOVE* that scarf :-)

3:37 AM  
Blogger naturallynice said...

That's a grrrreat scarf. Very hippy chic!

11:55 AM  

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