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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I suppose we should start Xmas shopping!

Hmmm.... December in a few days. In fact it'll be Xmas Eve this time next month. Eeek! Have only bought a couple of pressies. Better get Roo's advent calendar out of the attic this weekend and buy some vegan sweeties to fill it up with. Seeing as Colin's going up there I daresay he'll be badgered to get the dec's down too, lol. Oh well, bring it on :o)

Romy and Colin are both doing really well at TKD. I wish they'd get some better heating in there though. I'm sat there hugging the only radiator in the place (which really needs bleeding as it's freezing at the top.) I've also got my coat, scarf and gloves on, so you can imagine how lovely it feels (not!) when I walk out into the night when it's time to leave *Aaaaarrrgghhhhh*

This week we've been getting on with the handwriting practice. Roo's getting there slowly but surely. Today I grabbed a couple of exercise books and told her that one was a story book and the other was a spelling book. She was quite entheused about starting a story about Tilly (from the dog's point of view) being sad that we're going out and then realising she was coming with us, etc. She managed a picture at the top of the page, with a speech bubble (every little counts I tell myself!) and half a page of writing. I wrote the words in her spelling book for her to copy. She sort of ran out of steam after that page though and asked to carry on tomorrow, lol. Oh well, I'm pleased with that as it's more than she'd normally do. I think she has a 'thing' about getting stuff wrong/making mistakes. That's why I thought the spelling book would be a good idea.

We've also done lots of maths; measuring and estimating using a metre rule (tape measure had to do, lol. We don't get funding us poor home edders!) Telling the time, counting in twos, fives and tens, division sums. We've read LOTS. Roo has been reading me stories from a Paddington picture book whilst I've been reading lots of chapters from a huge Paddington collection book I bought when I was 12 (it still has the inscription!) She's loving them and so am I :o)

We've been messing about with magnets and a Disney projector. Done lots of drawings, played board games and done jigsaws. Roo made some lovely Xmas tree decorations at Rainbows and Emily came round to play on Tuesday afternoon. They had a great time playing in Romy's newly tidied bedroom. Well, that lasted for five minutes, rofl!!

Colin had the day off work yesterday. He was supposed to be taking Roo to the museum again for finds processing but when he got up to the frost he dicided to leave her in bed ;o) We had a nice, relaxing day and did not very much. Roo did a bit of work and we all went for a walk to Ashby. I needed to get my brother and step-dad birthday pressies. Not a very easy task. They've ended up with v. unimaginative stuff I'm afraid. Ne'er mind.

We weighed the piggies today. Willow is looking Huuuuuge! He is fully grown now, but because of his long fur he looks really big. Little Toby is 800g, so nearly catching up with his 1kg brothers.


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