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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More nature than we'd bargained for!

A good friend sent us this great website; www.naturedetectives.org.uk so we spent all day today doing very interesting nature-ish things :o) There's some really great stuff on the site. We printed off a template for a leaf-collecting bag, a leaf identification sheet and a check-list and off we went down the street to look for leaves. Here's a pic of Roo taking a bark rubbing to make the trunk of a tree on a picture. She then stuck leaves on it and drew flowers around the tree. It looks lovely finished.

The backpack contained all the essentials for a nature walk, lol.

Anyhoo, we were walking along looking out for leaves when we saw a collared dove struggling on the floor. I picked it up and started back towards home but after three paces it flew out of my hands. All well and good I thought, so we carried on collecting leaves. On the way back Roo wanted to check and make sure it had gone so we went back to the tree it had flown into. It was on the floor again, just inside someone's garden. This time it let me carry it home without a struggle. Romy was very grown-up and got me the pet carrier and put newspaper in it so that I could put the poor little thing in it. I gave it a pot of water and some wild bird seed and we covered the pet carrier with a towel to make it nice and dark while we rang the vets. They said to keep doing what we're doing and release it where we found it (if it recovers.) We looked at the RSPB website and luckily collared doves eat bird seed. We think it must have been hit by a car or something. It just seems incredibly dazed. It hasn't eaten or drunk anything yet but it seems ok. I've prepared Roo for the worst though and said it's much better for the poor thing to die safe and warm in a box rather than out in the cold and wet on the pavement (probably finished off by a cat.) Here's the patient. Will keep you updated tomorrow.

We did lots more nature work about the seasons from the same site when we'd settled Birdy in.

I was over the moon to get my goddess pendant this morning. I bought it off ebay last week. It's made from wood and I just think it's really funky!

Roo and Colin have just made a choccy cake so I'm off to enjoy a slice now :o)))


Blogger Sarah said...

That nature detectives site looks fab, thanks for the link.

1:17 PM  

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