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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November already???

Gawd, where does the time go!? It's feeling very Autumny today all of a sudden though. Me, Roo and the dog went out for a long walk today and there was plenty of crunching through leaves, which was nice.

We've done quite a lot of 'school' work over the past couple of days. Just some of what we've been up to:
-Two pages of division sums using counters when needed.
-Two pages of Ladybird 'dictionary games' book. Alphebetising by first letter, and then by second letter.
-Filled in scrapbook diary with photo's and momentoes of recent happenings.
-Romy read me 'Green eggs and ham'.
-We made some lovely Christmas cards with gold and silver card, stars, ribbon and Sizzix die-cut santas.
-Did lots of geography using Usborne flag sticker atlas of the world. We stuck the flags in for all of Northern Europe and talked about the poles, the equator and the different climate conditions each country experienced and why.
-Had a Halloween picnic last night with Daddy.
-Roo helped me to bath the guinea pigs. Willow and Toby were not too perturbed at their first experience of being washed, surprisingly!
-Practiced writing the numbers 0-9 to try and eliminate the last dregs of mirror writing ;o)
-2 pages of maths sticker addition.
-Read a Janet and John book.
-Read more of The Loin the Witch and the Wardrobe.
-Roo read lots of books to herself on her bright pink beanbag next to the bookshelf.
-Had another go at teaching Roo to crochet.
-Went to Rainbows and Taekwondo.

Tomorrow Roo is going out with Colin to the museum to wash and classify all the finds from the feild-walking they did recently. I'll not know what to do with myself! I haven't any Aromatherapy work to do, so I might read my Reiki Masters manual which I've been meaning to do for months!


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