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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


So, we're at TKD last night and Colin goes over on his ankle during the warm-up. It swelled up straight away and is now going an interesting shade of purple. One of his friends apparently said he should take up something more suitable to his age... like indoor bowling! Cheeky ;o)

Romy's had a very busy day today. She did her handwriting practice and then set about making tons of stuff. She made a beautiful Birthday present for Emily (can't say what it is because she'll be reading this ;o)) She then made a beautiful box to put it in. A collage was made from bits and pieces and added to the already full door. I then stuck four sheets of paper together for her to draw a huge Narnia picture, which is absolutely beautiful. It is going to replace the big Charlotte's web picture that has finally given up the ghost and fallen down one too many times. We've also made lots of Christmas cards for friends and family. They're taking ages as they're being made with huge amounts of thought and love :o)

Denise sent me a catalogue for The Women's Stand today. (Thanks Denise.) Ooooh I LOVE their stuff. I have loads of their postcards in my bathroom. I'd love loads more but just can't afford it :o( Gift voucher anyone? *Looks pitiful and hold out cap* LOL.

Dog's driving me mad walking under the xmas tree and knocking all the bits off. Grrr... Ooh, and I turned the bloody singing bird off. How long was that? One day? ROFL.


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