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Monday, November 14, 2005

What a fabulous age six is!

I was just thinking yesterday how wonderful it is having a six-year-old daughter. In countless millions of ways, but specifically in the realm of books. It's that fantastic age where we can be reading Narnia one minute and then switch to Letterland and the Mr. Men the next. I love it! It's nice (but a bit sad too) to have one more read of those old books that Romy is growing out of. Moreover, it's lovely to see by her face that she really is enthralled by the stories and isn't quite ready to let go of them yet :o)))))

So, what have we been up to since Friday? Well, the morning was spent doing lots of work. We did two pages from the Mental Maths Starter Book, Then I read Romy a passage from this book about the Suffragette Dollie Baxter. It was the bit about how the women were force-fed in prison when they went on hunger-strike. We also looked at the time line at the back of the book. I was amazed to find that the Suffrage movement began way back in 1866 and full, equal voting rights for women weren't given until 1928!!!! How shocking is that? The worst bit of all is that it was WWI that really forced the issue and gave the Government no choice really, as women had taken over all the men's jobs while they were away fighting. If they could do the 'heavy' work of men, then they had to be able to vote like men.

We then did lots of worksheets on the environment: One on fossil fuels, whereby Roo had to join up co-ordinates on a grid to spell the words GAS, COAL and OIL. A yes/no questionnaire on energy efficiency in the home ("Are all your pipes lagged?" Er, no.) Matching up natural resources/raw materials with the end product. Some work on endangered species (dot-to-dots, cut-out and stick jigsaw.) We also had the two minutes silence at 11am on Friday. I always like Romy to buy a poppy and to think about the relevance of Armistice Day. It is also the day my Grandad died in 1988 so I like to think of him too.

In the afternoon Nikki and I took the girls and the dog to Twigmoor woods for a nice walk. Luckily we remembered wellies. It was v v v muddy. This didn't stop the girls from wanting to paddle in the lake, lol. Like the liberal (mad?) parents we are, we said yes but just up to the ankles of your wellies. I think Romy was slightly drier than Emily in the end, but no less muddy ;o) The girls made a fairy cake from mud on a tree stump. It was a veritable work of art by the time they'd finished! I took a towel for Tilly's paws but by the time we got back to the car they were clean and dry (?) Why can't children have these remarkable self-cleaning bodies? Lol.

So back home and a quick wash before the swimming lesson. They were doing butterfly this week. After the lesson Romy got to have a little play with her friend Abigail on the way home.

On to the weekend (phew!) Romy had her first Leadership and XMA class at TKD on Saturday morning. She absolutely LOVED it!! Especially the XMA class. The grin on her face all the way through told me she was having an absolute ball. It's like a cross between dance and martial arts, so it suits Roo down to the grownd. They made up a great routine and it looked really good, even after one session. I think they'll be putting on a display at the next graduation in January, so I'm hoping some family and friends will be able to make it to watch her.

After the lesson we went into Brigg to the health food shop and then back to the academy to watch a black-belt grading. A few people we know were going for their black-belts, so we thought we'd have a gander. It was also good to see what Roo will be doing in a few years time. Romy was particularly interested in the board-breaking part. Anyone got any balsa wood? ;o) We also managed a quick visit to see Colin's Nan who is now in a Home in Gainsborough.

Yesterday (Sun) we went accross to Hull with my Ma and Pa to have a mooch around Makro, (so...many...things...so...little...money...) Bought Roo a big box of plain crisps. One-a-day until after Xmas, lol. We were then treated to a very nice meal at The Sailmakers pub on the river's edge. Thanks Mum, it was lovely. There was one tense moment when Romy bashed the side of her head on a railing and her ear swelled up, but apart from that we had a rather pleasant weekend.

Last night when Colin went out I read 20 (!!!!) Letterland books to Roo and listed a couple of things on eBay.


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