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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Reflections on 2005...

Hmmm, well what a year this has been. In many ways it has been our Annus Horribilis. I wonder what has been happening in my stars this year. Anyways, here's hoping 2006 is better. I don't want to tempt fate but surely it couldn't be any worse! Some of the bad things have included bereavements, illnesses and difficulties with relationships. Not to mention plumbers trying to set fire to the bathroom, lol. However, the Pollyanna in me simply must point out some of the good things we've achieved this year...
-I've managed to lose 5 stone.
-Totally gave up drinking Evil Diet Coke ;op I now drink only water.
-Romy's photo and my write-up appeared in a book about vegan children.
-Romy and I have read LOADS of books, including the first four of the chronicles of Narnia.
-Romy has gone from a complete non-swimmer to a very competent one. (Better than me!) :o)
-Colin and Romy have discovered Taekwondo and are doing very well.
-We've made lots of new friends and have shared some good and bad times with our old friends.
-We've welcomed three new pets into our home (as well as saying farewell to Mr. Squeak.)
-Colin has finally got a new job within his company, which should make him happier.
-I have completed a Hopi Ear Candling course and almost finished my Aromatherapy course.
-Romy and I have got lots of Home Ed work done. Her reading has come on in leaps and bounds and her handwriting is fast catching up ;o)

Some of the things we hope for next year...
-Lose another 5 stone :o)
-Get the all-clear from the Cardiologist about my Arrhythmia on Weds so that I can finally stop worrying and get on with my life.
-Start up Reiki/alternative therapy business.
-Spend more time with family and friends that we love and less with people whose negativity has an effect on us.
-Enjoy life more and stop bickering!
-Sort out the house/decorate/de-junk.
-Read lots more books! Some of the ones waiting for us are Paddington, The Borrowers, Five Children and It, Heidi, Pollyanna, Lots of Felicity Wishes, Shakespeare for Kids series, the last three Narnia books, Enid Blyton: The O'clock Collection and a whole set of Roald Dahl books. PHEW! That should keep us busy then.
-Get lots more Home Ed work done and do more activities.
-Make more friends and see more of the ones we have.

In a mo' we're off to my Mum's to spend New Year with them. We're hoping to go to the Humber Bridge at midnight and watch the fireworks. We'll then sleep in my brother's newly vacated bedroom and have lunch there tomorrow. It beats what we normally do anyway; sit in front of the TV watching crap and then go to bed feeling slightly anti-climaxed, lol. Hopefully my Mum and I can stay up chatting like old times and Colin will get a rest from being shouted at for falling asleep at one minute past twelve, ROFL. We've already had our traditional New Year picnic on the living-room floor. Here's Roo waiting to tuck in to the vegan feast. Note we're using the chocolate fondue set again :o)))

Happy New Year to everyone we know!!!

I am the moon... LOL!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Walking in a winter wonderland :o)

Ooh well, we went out to Normanby park and sledging in the woods today. Normanby looked magical in the snow and there was hardly anyone there. We've been waiting for months to take a Narnia picture of Romy there since we found a Narnia lamp post hidden away. Here she is finally as Lucy: Colin put the flame in but the pole was missing anyway. Weird! Here are a couple of others Colin made; Roo and Mr. Tumnus and then looking dubious at meeting the White Witch, lol:

And here's a poor warthog that had been petrified ;o) It was fabulous walking around in this though... And then Roo had loads of fun sledging down slopes in the woods. First she tried the ickle baby slope... ...and then she and Daddy braved The Big One!

She did end up freezing cold and wet though, so we were happy to get home and into the warm:o)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Festive fun and frolics.

We had a lovely Xmas. Romy had a ball :o) Xmas Eve was spent intermittently tidying up for Santa (so he had room to move, lol), welcoming family and watching Xmas telly. At 7.30 Romy said "Hmmm, I feel a bit tired." ROFL!!! Anyone who knows Roo will know what a hilarious statement that is. She managed to contain her excitement for a couple more hours though before we left food and a note out for Santa and the reindeer. She also remembered at the last minute to leave our special Santa key on the door handle outside. My Mum bought it for her last year and it enables him to get in when you don't have a chimney, lol.

At 5.30am Tilly woke us up wanting to go out so Colin got up, let her out and came back to bed. I was worse than a kid though because as soon as Romy stirred I said "I wonder if Santa has been yet?" ;o) I knew full well that if I'd left her she'd have stayed asleep but I couldn't wait! So up we got at 6. Here's Roo sitting next to her bounty:

She opened a couple of presents; a scooter from my Mum (which she spent the day whizzing around on indoors) and the Playmobil Noah's Ark that she's been wanting for months from us:

Later on though that present was to be totally eclipsed by one from Colin's Dad; a Playmobil castle. It was instantly decided that it should be the castle at Cair Paravel in the Narnia stories :o). Anyway, we hung on until 8am and then Roo rang my Mum to ask if we could come over. She was fast asleep but by the time we got there she and Robert had transformed into wide-awake doting grandparents eager to see Roo opening her pressies. And that's just what we all did for the next hour or so. She got some really lovely stuff and was thrilled to bits with all of it. There were loads of books, so it looks like I'll be busy until next Xmas :op It's a good job I love reading isn't it?
After the present opening Roo had fun playing with her new toys while I helped my Mum with the dinner. Don't know quite what she was up to but at one point Grandad was decorated in a festive theme :o))) My gorgeous sister Jenny and her Fiance Clive came round: And then my brother Paul and sister-in-law Jeanette made it just before we sat down to a scrumptious dinner. As usual my Mum pulled out all the stops to make it a special day. She even put a lottery scratch card in each cracker (although none of us won anything, lol.) We even went all posh and had a cheese board after dinner (vegan cheese for us too!) It was all absolutely lovely. I want to say a great big thank you to my Mum and Robert for all their hard work. Love you both. x

After dinner all us grown-ups opened our pressies. I got a lovely Goddess pendant from Colin that I'd seen on eBay (where else?) Not to mention lots of other scrummy stuff from other people.

We all had a pact this year to spend £5 on each other and no more. Most of us stuck to it, lol. It actually made the gifts more thoughtful I think.

On Boxing day we went back to my Mum's for a buffet tea. My brother Stephen had been given a chocolate fountain by his girlfriend Emma, so they had fun trying it out. This photo is posed by Stephen BTW. He was excited but not quite that excited, ROFL.

Luckily my Mum found a fondue set and a dark chocolate Santa to melt for Roo. She dipped a few things into it, but then resorted to the finger, lol: Here's the result of all that sugar: After leaving my Mum's we went to Colin's Dad's. Roo had fun playing with her cousin Connor and opened a couple of late pressies (one of which was some Narnia figures - Oh joy!) We then dropped in on the parents of an old school friend of mine. He's living in Thailand at the moment and from the photo's his Mum showed me it looks like Paradise (jealous, moi?) It was lovely to catch up.

Yesterday for some stupid reason we decided to go to Meadowhall (or Meadowhell as Colin calls it.) I had £20 Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket and it was crying out to be spent in Lush ;o) I could have spent all day in that shop!! We all could have. It was lovely just going round smelling everything and touching stuff. I mainly wanted one of their deodorant bars but ended up getting a couple of bath bombs, some pink sweetie smelling soap for Roo and a big tub of banana smelling cream for my hands too. If you spent over £15 you could choose anything from the shop for free. I was gobsmacked when she said that. "Anything???" I went and grabbed a reeeeeally expensive deodorant bar (I had bought the cheapest!) It was £7.10. Not bad for free! I wish they'd open a Lush in Scunthorpe. Hmmm, on second thoughts...

Anyhoo, today we have proper snow. Wooohooo!! Roo and Colin are out there playing with Tilly now. I think there was talk of huskies and sledges. I've given Colin the camera. Hang on I'll go and get it...

ROFL!! Here's what they've been up to. I took the last action shot ;o))

Tilly looks rather reluctant to pull, don't you think? Mush mush!!

A mini snow person!

Watch out Daddy. Here comes a big one!!!

I'm just listening to my new James Blunt CD whilst they go for another sledge around the block then we're off to the cinema to watch Narnia again I think. Colin hasn't seen it yet and we can get BOGOF with Orange wednesdays.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Takin' it easy :o)

I'm sitting here listening to Keane and messing about with Romy's Neopets. Roo herself is playing happily with her Bratz dolls. All is calm and serene (well, apart from Tilly the dog who is a maniac, but what can you do?) I feel quite guilty that I'm not rushing about like a headless tofu cutlet baking, wrapping pressies and shopping. I'm lucky enough to have the best Mum in the world, who's house we go to on Xmas day, and who makes a lovely Xmas dinner :o)))) Pressies are sorted. Nowt to do! Mind you, saying that we did go to Asda last night at ten o'clock to get the veggies for Xmas dinner and a few other bits and it was MURDER in there!! Seems that everyone else in Scunthorpe and surrounding villages had the same idea as us; that Asda would be all but deserted at that time... WRONG!! Ne'er mind, if that's as stressful as it gets I can deal with it ;o)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at our friend's house. Exchanged pressies and cards and Roo and Abigail had a nice play. She made me laugh the other day by saying to Romy "Why don't you go to school? You learn things at school." She also read Romy's card out to her yesterday as though Roo couldn't read, rofl. I don't know what she thinks Roo does at home all day ;o) I said to her "Romy does lessons at home." "What, like Maths and stuff?" "Yes, and history and English and lots more things." "Oh."

This afternoon we're going for a play at Emily's and then the next thing to do is wait for the Big Man Himself ;o) Got plenty of carrots in for the reindeer.

I would like to wish all my family, friends and blog readers a very happy Christmas/Yule. xxxxx

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aah, sweet... Snog anyone???

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Eight years of adversity ;o)

Today is our eight-year wedding anniversary. We keep meaning to go back to Gretna Green and have a proper look around. We were a bit pre-occupied last time we were there, lol. Maybe for our tenth eh? As usual I put in Colin's card 'Happy Adversity' I'm such a comedian, not. Realised this morning that Colin and I have actually been together for almost 15 years which is half my life!!!! Scary :-O

Romy had a fantastic time at her taekwondo Xmas party on Saturday. My, how she loves that place and all the people in it! It's like a second home to her :o) Here she is lining up for food (crisps were the only vegan things provided) behind one of her 'boyfriends' Jack.

And getting rather more intimate with him, lol.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas countdown...

Hmmm, don't seem to be organised at all this year, especially with regards to Xmas cards. I'm going to have to make a proper list like 'normal' people have instead of panicking mid December and trying to think of all the people I know, lol.

Did I used to have a social life? I can hardly remember a time B.R (Before Roo ;o)) But, yes in the dim and distant past I seem to recall there were parties and other such Xmas revelries. Fast forward a few years and mine and Colin's columns in the family calendar are empty but Roo's is FULL FULL FULL, lol.

On Weds we went to see Narnia at the cinema. It was fantastic but a little scary in parts for Roo. I must be getting old but I thought it was more of a 12 than a PG. Times they are a changin'. I remember in 1988 ish, me and my best friend Amanda went to the pictures to see Dirty Dancing which was a 15 certificate. We were 14 at the time. I remember walking home in bare feet and us both wondering who this new 'hunk' Patrick Swayze was, but that's by the by. What I'm rattling on about is that there's nothing in Dirty Dancing to make it a 15. If it was brought out now it'd be a PG at most. I think that recent film about excorcism was a 15. Not my sort of thing but what a contrast eh?

On Thursday morning I was fitted with a 24-hour ECG monitor. I have had Cardiac Arrythmia for the past four months or so. It's an irregular heart beat 'thing'. Anyway, this contraption was really old fashioned and bulky (Scunthorpe General Hospital - Now why doesn't that surprise me?) It was like one of the first Walkmans - you know, the 'bricks' and it was strapped around my waist (or where a waist should be, lol) with a leather belt which had a huge buckle. Not conducive to a good night's sleep I tell you. Luckily it happened at least five times whilst I was wearing it, so I might get some answers. I have to go and get the results in about a fortnight.

Thursday afternoon was spent at the Lincs home education Xmas party which the kids all loved as usual. Colin made a very convincing Santa again and much fun was had by all. Here are a few pics...

Katie and Romy.

Romy (slightly tipsy on the orange juice by the looks of it) between Katie and Emily.

Pass the parcel :o)

Getting a present from Daddy (oops, I meant Santa!)

Yesterday we went over to GRIM-sby to take presents over for Colin's family and Roo had her last swimming lesson before Xmas. Today she has another party; at taekwondo. She's a social butterfly and we're merely her drivers/chaperones, lol. Better go and put my facial scaffolding on (make-up) it'll take at least four hours to make me look half decent ;o)

My Mum's off to see Cliff Richard in his annual charity tennis wotsit today. Have a nice time Mum :o)))

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Her life flashes before my eyes ;o)

Last night at Taekwondo I had one of those "OMG, my 6 year old daughter is nearly a teenager" moments, lol. She'd sent Xmas cards to all the teachers and a few kids and last night she got one back from "Mr. Storr" who is actualy an extremely good looking 17 year old :o) Romy got all coy but managed to go over and say thank you (v. brave if you ask me!) It was later when the fun really started though. Roo played with the owner's 10 year old daughter during Colin's lesson and they (somehow) got round to "attacking" this poor lad. He took them both on with great humour. He was fantastic with them. The sort of person who'd be worth his weight in gold as a babysitter, lol. Even when the other girl had gone home he got no peace and in the end I had to tell Roo to leave the poor lad alone ;o) I said to him "You know you've started something now, don't you?" and he said "Yes, I realised that about half an hour ago." Tee hee.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mother fears for child's sanity as Narnia obsession spirals out of control.

Well, we finally finished The Horse and His Boy (after several detours to Paddington ;o)) Quite frankly we found it got a little dry after the first few chapters so it was a relief to reach the end. However, we started Prince Caspian the other night and once Roo realised it had Peter, Susan, Edmund and (her favourite) Lucy in it her passion was once more roused, lol. I know they appear in THAHB but they're grown-ups in that story which isn't half as interesting for a 6yo ;o) We even went to that dreadful institution McD's today on a toy buying mission today. I didn't want any of their "food" but you can buy their toys for 99p. Roo is now the very proud owner of a plastic Mr. Tumnus, lol. Yesterday Emily sent Romy a lovely Narnia activity book along with an invitation to her birthday party. She is currently playing Narnia on the floor. She's in a little world of her own, only looking periodically at the Royal Variety Performance on TV ("Ooh, look! Cliff Richard. Nana's favourite!")

So, on to less Narniaesque happenings... Yesterday we went to the Christmas French market in Scunthorpe. There were some lovely stalls. I bought a fantastic great chunk of pure olive oil soap. When I said "Merci" to the stall holder and he replied "Merci beaucoup" Roo looked at me with (misplaced) awe. "What did you say to that man Mummy?" ROFL.

After the market and picking up Roo's Playmobil Noah's ark from the savings club at Toymaster we went to see Colin's grandparents in Gainsborough. They gave us some money for Xmas but we're going to have to use most of it to pay for Romy's next set of swimming lessons which need paying next week. Never mind. One day we'll win the lottery ;o)

Had a bit of an altercation in Pets at Home on the way to my Mum's today. Romy fell in love with all the guinea pigs they had in there and absolutely needed some more piggies. Hmmm... Tried to explain that I'd love some more just as much as she would but until we can save up £50 for another indoor cage there's no point looking. Keep forgetting children don't "do" deferred gratification ;o))) She cheered up a LOT at my Mum's though when she was allowed to help Nana decorate her tree. The best bit apparently was when she filled a little stocking with vegan chocolates but there were a few too many so some had to be eaten, lol.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some good news at last.

Colin has just rung me from work to say he's been given the job that he interviewed for. I'm so pleased for him. It's been a long time coming, I tell you. It's at the same company, but it's a better job (with a lot less hassle!) So I've told him he'll have no excuse for being grumpy now ;o) Nice Christmas present eh?

Romy is watching a Disney sing-along-a-Christmas songs video at the moment. She has such a good social conscience for her age, she makes me laugh. Donald, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc are in a sleigh being pulled by Pluto and Roo just said "That poor dog. Why does he have to pull the sledge just because he can't talk? Goofy is a dog too." ROFL.

Here's Roo dressed for her Rainbows Christmas party last night. She had a fab time :o) Earlier on we had a great afternoon with Emily and Nikki. The girls did some glass painting and the results were lovely. Lots of pressies for family for Xmas then...

Romy is really enjoying advent. She gets up and scoffs her own sweets (before breakfast! Hey it's only once a year ;o)) Then she opens Tilly's calendar and makes her do tricks for her treats. Finally she opens her favourite; a Playmobil advent calendar from my Mum. It has a little animal or person in each box. They're then added to a cardboard scene to be played with. Romy is mad on Playmobil stuff.

Last night while Roo was at her party I bunged some more stuff on eBay including some gorgeous towels my Mum has made.

Romy and I have been doing various other Christmassy things: we made a carols/song book by printing out loads of songs from www.carols.org.uk and pasting them in a home made book. Roo then decorated the cover. We've also made more presents and cards. We played a funny game the other day; a post-it note game. We wrote names of famous people down and stuck them to each other's forehead. We then asked questions to guess who we were. Colin was Michael Jackson but couldn't guess for toffee!!

My Brother made my day on Sunday. I haven't seen him for a long time and when he saw how much weight I'd lost he burst into tears and hugged me really hard! Bless him ;o)

Better go. We're going to do a jigsaw of the world on the table while it's actually clear, lol.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quick update.

I need to blog more often. I can hardly remember what we've done :o)

On Thursday we spent a lovely afternoon at Emily and Nikki's. The girls made some truly scrumptious gingerbread in Nikki's lovely BIG kitchen. Romy was in raptures being able to mix the dry ingredients with her hands and had to be restrained from doing the same with the mashed banana (vegan alternative to egg) ,syrup and margerine ;o) Made me realise how little baking I do with her. Our kitchen is sooooo small though. Two people can barely pass each other in it without becoming very intimate, lol. The girls then made angels (and dogs!) for the tree.

Colin wanted me to post this photo of his ankle. He's very proud of his bruises ;o) Bleugh!!

On Friday Colin took the day off. I went for my lovely lovely smear test in the morning :o( and then I met my Mum in town to do some Xmas shopping. It was great because my Mum got me to choose presents for Roo for Xmas but she was paying! Vicarious spending, fab! Maybe I should become a personal shopper, I love spending other people's money, lol.

Yesterday after TKD we came home and did lots of tidying and listed tons of stuff on eBay. God, it's so boring and time consuming. Well, both are really. More tidying today and have to find some more stuff for eBay. Money eh?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fit number three and the V.E.T.

Yesterday morning we were woken by Tilly having her third seizure in three months (as regular as clockwork.) So we took her off to the vet. She had an unbelievably expensive blood test to rule out other causes before they start her on epilepsy medication. The recovery period of this fit seemed to be a lot worse than the last two though and the vet said they'd probably get worse each time and may eventually lead to her becoming brain damaged :o( We actually feared that had happened this time as she was acting really weird and scary for ages afterwards. Straight after the fit she went staggering around everywhere and because she'd been foaming at the mouth and was trying to jump on the bed Romy was petrified and screaming (this was 4.30am!!!) Tilly was banging about, knocking things down and falling over. The poor neighbours must've been woken in all the cacophony. I took her downstairs to let her out but she was just ravenous, and I mean ravenous. It was like she was possessed. I gave her some bread and margarine and then some dog biscuits but she was still jumping up at me almost attacking me for food. It was a bit scary :-O I then tried to get her to go back in her bed but she shat on the landing carpet (nice!) and refused to go anywhere. In the end we all decided to go and sleep downstairs. Colin fed Tilly her dog food and she settled down on Roo's beanbag at last. I had the settee and Colin and Roo made a nice bed o the floor with quilts and throws. Romy even asked if we could sleep down here again last night, ROFL!