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Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas countdown...

Hmmm, don't seem to be organised at all this year, especially with regards to Xmas cards. I'm going to have to make a proper list like 'normal' people have instead of panicking mid December and trying to think of all the people I know, lol.

Did I used to have a social life? I can hardly remember a time B.R (Before Roo ;o)) But, yes in the dim and distant past I seem to recall there were parties and other such Xmas revelries. Fast forward a few years and mine and Colin's columns in the family calendar are empty but Roo's is FULL FULL FULL, lol.

On Weds we went to see Narnia at the cinema. It was fantastic but a little scary in parts for Roo. I must be getting old but I thought it was more of a 12 than a PG. Times they are a changin'. I remember in 1988 ish, me and my best friend Amanda went to the pictures to see Dirty Dancing which was a 15 certificate. We were 14 at the time. I remember walking home in bare feet and us both wondering who this new 'hunk' Patrick Swayze was, but that's by the by. What I'm rattling on about is that there's nothing in Dirty Dancing to make it a 15. If it was brought out now it'd be a PG at most. I think that recent film about excorcism was a 15. Not my sort of thing but what a contrast eh?

On Thursday morning I was fitted with a 24-hour ECG monitor. I have had Cardiac Arrythmia for the past four months or so. It's an irregular heart beat 'thing'. Anyway, this contraption was really old fashioned and bulky (Scunthorpe General Hospital - Now why doesn't that surprise me?) It was like one of the first Walkmans - you know, the 'bricks' and it was strapped around my waist (or where a waist should be, lol) with a leather belt which had a huge buckle. Not conducive to a good night's sleep I tell you. Luckily it happened at least five times whilst I was wearing it, so I might get some answers. I have to go and get the results in about a fortnight.

Thursday afternoon was spent at the Lincs home education Xmas party which the kids all loved as usual. Colin made a very convincing Santa again and much fun was had by all. Here are a few pics...

Katie and Romy.

Romy (slightly tipsy on the orange juice by the looks of it) between Katie and Emily.

Pass the parcel :o)

Getting a present from Daddy (oops, I meant Santa!)

Yesterday we went over to GRIM-sby to take presents over for Colin's family and Roo had her last swimming lesson before Xmas. Today she has another party; at taekwondo. She's a social butterfly and we're merely her drivers/chaperones, lol. Better go and put my facial scaffolding on (make-up) it'll take at least four hours to make me look half decent ;o)

My Mum's off to see Cliff Richard in his annual charity tennis wotsit today. Have a nice time Mum :o)))


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