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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Eight years of adversity ;o)

Today is our eight-year wedding anniversary. We keep meaning to go back to Gretna Green and have a proper look around. We were a bit pre-occupied last time we were there, lol. Maybe for our tenth eh? As usual I put in Colin's card 'Happy Adversity' I'm such a comedian, not. Realised this morning that Colin and I have actually been together for almost 15 years which is half my life!!!! Scary :-O

Romy had a fantastic time at her taekwondo Xmas party on Saturday. My, how she loves that place and all the people in it! It's like a second home to her :o) Here she is lining up for food (crisps were the only vegan things provided) behind one of her 'boyfriends' Jack.

And getting rather more intimate with him, lol.


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