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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Festive fun and frolics.

We had a lovely Xmas. Romy had a ball :o) Xmas Eve was spent intermittently tidying up for Santa (so he had room to move, lol), welcoming family and watching Xmas telly. At 7.30 Romy said "Hmmm, I feel a bit tired." ROFL!!! Anyone who knows Roo will know what a hilarious statement that is. She managed to contain her excitement for a couple more hours though before we left food and a note out for Santa and the reindeer. She also remembered at the last minute to leave our special Santa key on the door handle outside. My Mum bought it for her last year and it enables him to get in when you don't have a chimney, lol.

At 5.30am Tilly woke us up wanting to go out so Colin got up, let her out and came back to bed. I was worse than a kid though because as soon as Romy stirred I said "I wonder if Santa has been yet?" ;o) I knew full well that if I'd left her she'd have stayed asleep but I couldn't wait! So up we got at 6. Here's Roo sitting next to her bounty:

She opened a couple of presents; a scooter from my Mum (which she spent the day whizzing around on indoors) and the Playmobil Noah's Ark that she's been wanting for months from us:

Later on though that present was to be totally eclipsed by one from Colin's Dad; a Playmobil castle. It was instantly decided that it should be the castle at Cair Paravel in the Narnia stories :o). Anyway, we hung on until 8am and then Roo rang my Mum to ask if we could come over. She was fast asleep but by the time we got there she and Robert had transformed into wide-awake doting grandparents eager to see Roo opening her pressies. And that's just what we all did for the next hour or so. She got some really lovely stuff and was thrilled to bits with all of it. There were loads of books, so it looks like I'll be busy until next Xmas :op It's a good job I love reading isn't it?
After the present opening Roo had fun playing with her new toys while I helped my Mum with the dinner. Don't know quite what she was up to but at one point Grandad was decorated in a festive theme :o))) My gorgeous sister Jenny and her Fiance Clive came round: And then my brother Paul and sister-in-law Jeanette made it just before we sat down to a scrumptious dinner. As usual my Mum pulled out all the stops to make it a special day. She even put a lottery scratch card in each cracker (although none of us won anything, lol.) We even went all posh and had a cheese board after dinner (vegan cheese for us too!) It was all absolutely lovely. I want to say a great big thank you to my Mum and Robert for all their hard work. Love you both. x

After dinner all us grown-ups opened our pressies. I got a lovely Goddess pendant from Colin that I'd seen on eBay (where else?) Not to mention lots of other scrummy stuff from other people.

We all had a pact this year to spend £5 on each other and no more. Most of us stuck to it, lol. It actually made the gifts more thoughtful I think.

On Boxing day we went back to my Mum's for a buffet tea. My brother Stephen had been given a chocolate fountain by his girlfriend Emma, so they had fun trying it out. This photo is posed by Stephen BTW. He was excited but not quite that excited, ROFL.

Luckily my Mum found a fondue set and a dark chocolate Santa to melt for Roo. She dipped a few things into it, but then resorted to the finger, lol: Here's the result of all that sugar: After leaving my Mum's we went to Colin's Dad's. Roo had fun playing with her cousin Connor and opened a couple of late pressies (one of which was some Narnia figures - Oh joy!) We then dropped in on the parents of an old school friend of mine. He's living in Thailand at the moment and from the photo's his Mum showed me it looks like Paradise (jealous, moi?) It was lovely to catch up.

Yesterday for some stupid reason we decided to go to Meadowhall (or Meadowhell as Colin calls it.) I had £20 Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket and it was crying out to be spent in Lush ;o) I could have spent all day in that shop!! We all could have. It was lovely just going round smelling everything and touching stuff. I mainly wanted one of their deodorant bars but ended up getting a couple of bath bombs, some pink sweetie smelling soap for Roo and a big tub of banana smelling cream for my hands too. If you spent over £15 you could choose anything from the shop for free. I was gobsmacked when she said that. "Anything???" I went and grabbed a reeeeeally expensive deodorant bar (I had bought the cheapest!) It was £7.10. Not bad for free! I wish they'd open a Lush in Scunthorpe. Hmmm, on second thoughts...

Anyhoo, today we have proper snow. Wooohooo!! Roo and Colin are out there playing with Tilly now. I think there was talk of huskies and sledges. I've given Colin the camera. Hang on I'll go and get it...

ROFL!! Here's what they've been up to. I took the last action shot ;o))

Tilly looks rather reluctant to pull, don't you think? Mush mush!!

A mini snow person!

Watch out Daddy. Here comes a big one!!!

I'm just listening to my new James Blunt CD whilst they go for another sledge around the block then we're off to the cinema to watch Narnia again I think. Colin hasn't seen it yet and we can get BOGOF with Orange wednesdays.


Blogger Kris said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! So glad Romy got all the stuff she wanted. :)

Love your new pendant - Tea is over my shoulder going 'that's just like your Lady Mommy' So she is.

Happy New Year too!

1:13 PM  

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