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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fit number three and the V.E.T.

Yesterday morning we were woken by Tilly having her third seizure in three months (as regular as clockwork.) So we took her off to the vet. She had an unbelievably expensive blood test to rule out other causes before they start her on epilepsy medication. The recovery period of this fit seemed to be a lot worse than the last two though and the vet said they'd probably get worse each time and may eventually lead to her becoming brain damaged :o( We actually feared that had happened this time as she was acting really weird and scary for ages afterwards. Straight after the fit she went staggering around everywhere and because she'd been foaming at the mouth and was trying to jump on the bed Romy was petrified and screaming (this was 4.30am!!!) Tilly was banging about, knocking things down and falling over. The poor neighbours must've been woken in all the cacophony. I took her downstairs to let her out but she was just ravenous, and I mean ravenous. It was like she was possessed. I gave her some bread and margarine and then some dog biscuits but she was still jumping up at me almost attacking me for food. It was a bit scary :-O I then tried to get her to go back in her bed but she shat on the landing carpet (nice!) and refused to go anywhere. In the end we all decided to go and sleep downstairs. Colin fed Tilly her dog food and she settled down on Roo's beanbag at last. I had the settee and Colin and Roo made a nice bed o the floor with quilts and throws. Romy even asked if we could sleep down here again last night, ROFL!


Blogger Kris said...

Oh poor you - that must have been horrid. And poor Romy and Tilly. :(

Fingers crossed the medication works too.

Btw - don't feed Tilly margerine. Marg/butter etc isn't good for their digestive tract apparently. Was told by vet a while back when I asked if I could give our dog cod liver oil.

6:01 AM  

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