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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Her life flashes before my eyes ;o)

Last night at Taekwondo I had one of those "OMG, my 6 year old daughter is nearly a teenager" moments, lol. She'd sent Xmas cards to all the teachers and a few kids and last night she got one back from "Mr. Storr" who is actualy an extremely good looking 17 year old :o) Romy got all coy but managed to go over and say thank you (v. brave if you ask me!) It was later when the fun really started though. Roo played with the owner's 10 year old daughter during Colin's lesson and they (somehow) got round to "attacking" this poor lad. He took them both on with great humour. He was fantastic with them. The sort of person who'd be worth his weight in gold as a babysitter, lol. Even when the other girl had gone home he got no peace and in the end I had to tell Roo to leave the poor lad alone ;o) I said to him "You know you've started something now, don't you?" and he said "Yes, I realised that about half an hour ago." Tee hee.


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