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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mother fears for child's sanity as Narnia obsession spirals out of control.

Well, we finally finished The Horse and His Boy (after several detours to Paddington ;o)) Quite frankly we found it got a little dry after the first few chapters so it was a relief to reach the end. However, we started Prince Caspian the other night and once Roo realised it had Peter, Susan, Edmund and (her favourite) Lucy in it her passion was once more roused, lol. I know they appear in THAHB but they're grown-ups in that story which isn't half as interesting for a 6yo ;o) We even went to that dreadful institution McD's today on a toy buying mission today. I didn't want any of their "food" but you can buy their toys for 99p. Roo is now the very proud owner of a plastic Mr. Tumnus, lol. Yesterday Emily sent Romy a lovely Narnia activity book along with an invitation to her birthday party. She is currently playing Narnia on the floor. She's in a little world of her own, only looking periodically at the Royal Variety Performance on TV ("Ooh, look! Cliff Richard. Nana's favourite!")

So, on to less Narniaesque happenings... Yesterday we went to the Christmas French market in Scunthorpe. There were some lovely stalls. I bought a fantastic great chunk of pure olive oil soap. When I said "Merci" to the stall holder and he replied "Merci beaucoup" Roo looked at me with (misplaced) awe. "What did you say to that man Mummy?" ROFL.

After the market and picking up Roo's Playmobil Noah's ark from the savings club at Toymaster we went to see Colin's grandparents in Gainsborough. They gave us some money for Xmas but we're going to have to use most of it to pay for Romy's next set of swimming lessons which need paying next week. Never mind. One day we'll win the lottery ;o)

Had a bit of an altercation in Pets at Home on the way to my Mum's today. Romy fell in love with all the guinea pigs they had in there and absolutely needed some more piggies. Hmmm... Tried to explain that I'd love some more just as much as she would but until we can save up £50 for another indoor cage there's no point looking. Keep forgetting children don't "do" deferred gratification ;o))) She cheered up a LOT at my Mum's though when she was allowed to help Nana decorate her tree. The best bit apparently was when she filled a little stocking with vegan chocolates but there were a few too many so some had to be eaten, lol.


Blogger Nana Linda said...

Hope the chocs dont melt with the under floor heating.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Auntie Jenny said...

It always makes me laugh when mum says that.It's like when you get chocs at xmas you're not allowed to put them on the floor for more than a minute. lol. love you hazel xxx

8:01 AM  
Blogger Hazel said...

Ooh, hello Jen! Love you too. xxx

8:11 AM  
Blogger Nana Linda said...

Oh well.
Who cares anyway?
Soggy chocs all round for Christmas then.

4:30 PM  

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