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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quick update.

I need to blog more often. I can hardly remember what we've done :o)

On Thursday we spent a lovely afternoon at Emily and Nikki's. The girls made some truly scrumptious gingerbread in Nikki's lovely BIG kitchen. Romy was in raptures being able to mix the dry ingredients with her hands and had to be restrained from doing the same with the mashed banana (vegan alternative to egg) ,syrup and margerine ;o) Made me realise how little baking I do with her. Our kitchen is sooooo small though. Two people can barely pass each other in it without becoming very intimate, lol. The girls then made angels (and dogs!) for the tree.

Colin wanted me to post this photo of his ankle. He's very proud of his bruises ;o) Bleugh!!

On Friday Colin took the day off. I went for my lovely lovely smear test in the morning :o( and then I met my Mum in town to do some Xmas shopping. It was great because my Mum got me to choose presents for Roo for Xmas but she was paying! Vicarious spending, fab! Maybe I should become a personal shopper, I love spending other people's money, lol.

Yesterday after TKD we came home and did lots of tidying and listed tons of stuff on eBay. God, it's so boring and time consuming. Well, both are really. More tidying today and have to find some more stuff for eBay. Money eh?


Blogger naturallynice said...

Which reminds me to list my tons of stuff on ebay. Thanks for the reminder.

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