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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Reflections on 2005...

Hmmm, well what a year this has been. In many ways it has been our Annus Horribilis. I wonder what has been happening in my stars this year. Anyways, here's hoping 2006 is better. I don't want to tempt fate but surely it couldn't be any worse! Some of the bad things have included bereavements, illnesses and difficulties with relationships. Not to mention plumbers trying to set fire to the bathroom, lol. However, the Pollyanna in me simply must point out some of the good things we've achieved this year...
-I've managed to lose 5 stone.
-Totally gave up drinking Evil Diet Coke ;op I now drink only water.
-Romy's photo and my write-up appeared in a book about vegan children.
-Romy and I have read LOADS of books, including the first four of the chronicles of Narnia.
-Romy has gone from a complete non-swimmer to a very competent one. (Better than me!) :o)
-Colin and Romy have discovered Taekwondo and are doing very well.
-We've made lots of new friends and have shared some good and bad times with our old friends.
-We've welcomed three new pets into our home (as well as saying farewell to Mr. Squeak.)
-Colin has finally got a new job within his company, which should make him happier.
-I have completed a Hopi Ear Candling course and almost finished my Aromatherapy course.
-Romy and I have got lots of Home Ed work done. Her reading has come on in leaps and bounds and her handwriting is fast catching up ;o)

Some of the things we hope for next year...
-Lose another 5 stone :o)
-Get the all-clear from the Cardiologist about my Arrhythmia on Weds so that I can finally stop worrying and get on with my life.
-Start up Reiki/alternative therapy business.
-Spend more time with family and friends that we love and less with people whose negativity has an effect on us.
-Enjoy life more and stop bickering!
-Sort out the house/decorate/de-junk.
-Read lots more books! Some of the ones waiting for us are Paddington, The Borrowers, Five Children and It, Heidi, Pollyanna, Lots of Felicity Wishes, Shakespeare for Kids series, the last three Narnia books, Enid Blyton: The O'clock Collection and a whole set of Roald Dahl books. PHEW! That should keep us busy then.
-Get lots more Home Ed work done and do more activities.
-Make more friends and see more of the ones we have.

In a mo' we're off to my Mum's to spend New Year with them. We're hoping to go to the Humber Bridge at midnight and watch the fireworks. We'll then sleep in my brother's newly vacated bedroom and have lunch there tomorrow. It beats what we normally do anyway; sit in front of the TV watching crap and then go to bed feeling slightly anti-climaxed, lol. Hopefully my Mum and I can stay up chatting like old times and Colin will get a rest from being shouted at for falling asleep at one minute past twelve, ROFL. We've already had our traditional New Year picnic on the living-room floor. Here's Roo waiting to tuck in to the vegan feast. Note we're using the chocolate fondue set again :o)))

Happy New Year to everyone we know!!!


Blogger dawniy said...

Happy New Year :)

lose 5 stone !? gosh even if you know how to lose a fraction of that let me know cos all I can seem to do is gain weight - shame large, large and larger again isn't the desired shape !!

Dawniy x

9:36 AM  

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