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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Walking in a winter wonderland :o)

Ooh well, we went out to Normanby park and sledging in the woods today. Normanby looked magical in the snow and there was hardly anyone there. We've been waiting for months to take a Narnia picture of Romy there since we found a Narnia lamp post hidden away. Here she is finally as Lucy: Colin put the flame in but the pole was missing anyway. Weird! Here are a couple of others Colin made; Roo and Mr. Tumnus and then looking dubious at meeting the White Witch, lol:

And here's a poor warthog that had been petrified ;o) It was fabulous walking around in this though... And then Roo had loads of fun sledging down slopes in the woods. First she tried the ickle baby slope... ...and then she and Daddy braved The Big One!

She did end up freezing cold and wet though, so we were happy to get home and into the warm:o)


Blogger dawniy said...

Fantastic pictures how super , I know my grils would love to see that lamp post !!

6:26 PM  

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