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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2006: The Story So Far...

Hmmm, haven't updated for ten days! That's not because nothing's happened. On the contrary, we've been quite busy but I've just had some "away from the computer" time. So what have we been up to?

Well, New Year was spent at my Mum's as planned. We went down to the Humber Bridge at midnight to see all the fireworks being let off across at Hull. It was fantastic. Romy wasn't quite so enthused though as you can see by this photo ;o) Bless!

We had a lovely meal at my Mum's on New Year's Day and later went round to see my SIL as it was her birthday. On the 2nd we went to Emily's Snow Queen party which was flippin' fantastic! Nikki had put so much work into preparing it. Here are a few pics of Roo enjoying herself immensely.

On the 3rd we went round to see our friends. Romy had a ball playing with Abi before she had to go back to school the next day. (Is it me or was it early this year? I thought it was normally the 8th or 9th.)

Then on the 4th it was time for the dreaded Cardiologist appointment at the hospital. I don't know what I was expecting him to do/say but I was mortified when he prescribed Beta Blockers. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I HATE medication and don't even take asprin/paracetamol. So I was crushed to think that I'd have to take these pills that do 'things' to your heart. Things weren't helped when I picked them up from the pharmacy only to read on the box "For the treatment on stable chronic heart failure"!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, why do they have to do that? It's enough to scare you half to death. That isn't what I've got but it's scary to read that on medication you're going to take. I felt totally numb for the rest of that day. We went to TKD and I just sat there like a zombie trying to decide what to do. My Mum (thank the lord for her in times of crisis) suggested I go and talk it over with the GP the next day, so that's what I did. And very nice she was too. She explained a bit more about the tablets and laughed when I said I didn't want to know what the side effects were as I'd imagine I had them all so I'd got Colin to read the leaflet instead. She said that was sensible actually. I just know that in my current vulnerable state I'd be constantly on the look-out for all the side-effect symptoms, so it's better I don't know. I felt really weird as I took the first one. It was just like "what am I doing???" Unfortunately though, I don't feel I have much choice as I've had this arrhythmia every day for five months or so now and even though it isn't life threatening it's very scary. I've had a few since I started taking them but yesterday there was just one barely noticeable thud and today nothing so far, so fingers crossed. The only thing now is that I'm mildly freaking out about my slow pulse. That's one of the effects of BB's; they slow down your heart rate. It's now 50-60bpm!!!! slightly bizarre as it used to be about 75-80ish. Anyway, can I ask that if anyone has any horror stories about BB's can you please not tell me. I feel bad enough as it is ;o) Hopefully if all goes well I'll be coming off them in 6 months time. Ho-humm...

Anyhoo, so the 5th was a visit to the doc's which Nikki kindly took me to and watched Roo while I was in there. Emily and Roo also had a good play with Romy's Xmas Playmobil and Doggy Daycare stuff. On the 6th Roo and I had a quiet day in reading and watching the Price Caspian video that Denise gave us. We've started The Voyage of the Dawn Treader now but it's a little bit hard going so we're interspersing it with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Roo was back to her swimming lessons that evening and I totally lost it with the dog in the car on the way. I just burst into tears as she was annoying me. Poor thing. She was the proverbial staw unfortunately. I think I'd bottled thinsg up over the past few months as I don't cry that often. I then made a total numpty of myself by sobbing softly on the poolside to my wonderful friend Theresa throughout Roo's lesson, lol. I felt much better for it though and we were laughing by 6 o'clock (even though I had to get Roo dressed looking like a red-faced freak afterwards!)

That night Romy was sick about 20 times. She started at 10.30 and didn't stop until 7am!! Poor little sausage :o(( Needless to say I did my Mummy 'thang' and woke the nanosecond she stirred and had the jug in front of her before she even retched. I find that sixth-sense of motherhood so wonderful and amazing. I wouldn't miss a second of it for all the money in the world. Obviously there are much nicer aspects to being a Mummy, but to give your child comfort when they're ill is something they'll carry with them for life.

So on Saturday we slept in late and had a quiet day for Roo to recouperate as we had a christening to go to on Sunday. Needless to say she recovered quickly in the way that only children can and here she is dancing with her second cousin:

And so back to work yesterday and today. We've managed some origami, some reading, spelling, maths and hanwriting so far. Tomorrow and the next day we have to go and house-sit for my Brother and SIL so will have to take some stuff to do there. Here are our origami efforts and a little picture of Toby that I couldn't resist putting on. I'm sure he'd be mad if he knew such an undignified picture of him was being published on t'internet, ROFL.


Blogger June said...

I won't tell you any scare stories about beta blockers, promise ;o) However, have you cut out caffeine? I've had arrhythmia for 5 years now and control it reasonably well by avoiding caffeine as much as possible. One cup of caffeinated coffee will set it off, although I do get away with eating some chocolate (unless I pig out on it). Another thing that seems to make it worse for me is if I don't get enough sleep...which for me is about 6 hours or so a night. I hope it all goes well for you :o)

10:51 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

Fingers crossed that you'll be able to bin those BB's in a few months.

And just love that picture of Toby! He's so adorable. I won't show the other piggies in case they laugh. :P

10:47 AM  

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