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Friday, January 20, 2006

Churches, Castles and Mother Goose.

On Tuesday night Romy went to the Plowright Theatre to see Mother Goose with her Rainbows group. She was on cloud nine when she came out. She absolutely loved it. So much so that she's desperate to see it again. It's on until Saturday, so we'll have to see :o)

Whe we picked her up from the pantomime at 9.15pm Colin took us to my Mum's in Barton-on-Humber where Roo and I stayed the night. I took this Romeo and Juliet for kids book to read to Romy as we were meant to be going to see the Shakespear for Kids production of it today at Grimsby Auditorium. However.... I read it to Romy, warned her it didn't have a happy ending and still she almost burst into tears at the end. Bless her. So I had to spend the next half-an-hour making up a story about a fairy with a happy ending, lol. The next day Roo asked me why it had a sad ending, so we talked about how life isn't always happy and jolly. She said she understood this but thought that all stories should have happy endings. Hmmm... I'm inclined to agree with her there. I don't much like books and films that leave you feeling bereft. There's enough crap in life so I think we'll stick to escapist books for a while :o) Anyhoo, the upshot was that Romy decided she definitely did not want to go and see R&J at the theatre. So that's that. We arre however going to see the Nutcracker ballet there next Friday. Our home education group has managed to get tickets for only £5 instead of £3o+!!!!!! I've always wanted to go and see a ballet. Can't wait.

We spent a very enjoyable day at my Mum's on Weds. We tried to go to the museum but found it was only open on Fri, Sat & Sun. There was a lady in the office who came out to speak to us when she saw us looking though. She said there was a school party in there at the moment. I decided to be cheeky, "Oh, my daughter is home educated. Could we come in and have a look around then?" No, apparently. We couldn't disturb them. Grrrrr...... I won't type what I felt like saying to her. So Romy had to be content with the rather less educational activity of playing in the wet, muddy park next to the museum for a while. Humph.

After a quick look around the charity shops of Barton we made our way to St. Peter's Church. This turned out to be extremely interesting and educational. Phew! We learnt all about the periods the different parts of the church were built (the tower dates from Saxon times) and lots about the mass excavation they did in the eighties. They found thousands of Saxon skeletons. It's all on the web site. Romy's imagination was really caught by looking around the graveyard though. She liked reading what century people had lived in. I think we might go back there another week and make a chart of people's age, sex, etc and speculate about what happened to them (disease, war, etc.) Fascinating.

Yesterday we went to a new play area in Scunthorpe called Cheeky Chimps with Emily and Nikki. Roo had a whale of a time. It took me a while to get over the shock of paying an extortionate £4.50 to get in though!!!!!!! It's a good job I've only got one child!

Today we've been busy making a castle (well starting to) from a plaster of paris kit. It was only £4.99 from Netto. We have to make squillions of bricks from moulds and them stick them all together. Only thing is the instructions are rather thin on the ground and of a pictorial nature. It didn't even say how to mix the plaster so I had to look up the ratio of plaster to water elsewhere. Hmmm... should be interesting, lol.


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