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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Purple Princess :o)

Here's our proud little girl wearing her new purple belt and XMA top. Taken by even more proud Mummy :o)))))

What a busy weekend! Let me think... Friday we spent the day doing more Medieval stuff. Then Roo had her swimming lesson after which we had to race over to Grimsby Auditorium (hair still wet but wrapped up warm!) to see The Nutcracker ballet. Ain't we cultured?! Didn't understand any of it but it looked very pretty and Romy loved it. I'm a bit working class you see ;o) Very glad we went though. Roo was in bed VERY late that night and had to get up extremely early (for us!) in the morning, for Saturday was Taekwondo Graduation Day! Bless my Mum again for kindly coming along to cheer Roo and Colin on (and also look after all the stuff whilst I video'd :o) Romy did us proud again showing off her skills with the Kali stick and nunchucks, sparring, doing the Il Jang pattern and her XMA display. Phew! Colin did really well too getting his orange belt. He has a gift for doing the weapons (misspent youth making his own nunchucks, lol.) Here they are proudly wearing their new belts:

Here's Roo getting her certificate and a 'high five' from Master Turner. And what I thought was a rather touching picture of her and her new friend watching the goings on :o)
The graduation went on all morning and then it was home for a super-fast change of clothes before Roo went off with Colin to the Archaeology Club at the local museum. There was a lovely surprise waiting for her at home though; a card from Emily and a beautiful friendship necklace made with a tumbled stone that she'd made with her own fair hands!

At the museum they learnt about the preservation of artefacts by examining three pieces, drawing them and noting down any marks of deterioration before suggesting what could be done to preserve their condition. Romy used a light meter, a humidity meter and a microscope to look at an Anglo-Saxon ring. She was also allowed to look at (but not touch) a Saxon cloak pin/brooch with fabric still intact! She had fun and came back with lots of worksheets and info but had trouble staying awake at one point apparently, lol. It was a long day!!

Today we've been over to Gainsborough to see Colin's Grandad who's 86th birthday is today. We then dropped in to see Colin's friend who's wife has just had a baby. Back at home Roo has been packing her TKD stuff for tomorrow night in her brand new PINK bag that we got her as a graduation present. She's really chuffed with it!

I know I'm overdosing on photo's in this post but I just have to put this one up of Willow (or Hair Do as we call him.) We called him that as a baby because of the rosette of hair on his head little knowing that he'd end up looking like THIS!!! The photo doesn't even show the extent of his fur. It's about four-or-five inches long! He doesn't like being combed though. Do you ever comb your 'monster' Kris?


Blogger Kris said...

LOL - no, I don't comb Moose. I just scissor off his dreadlocks a couple of times a year. Come to think of it, he needs a real haircut asap, as his fluffy dreadlocked backside is three as wide as his head! He won't get through his little doorway into his sleeping compartment soon. lol

Apparently they do get to like it though, if you use a nice soft brush.

6:34 AM  

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