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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pants rant...

Ooh, kid's clothes manufacturers make me soooo mad sometimes. Don't even get me started on the Playboy clothes that eight-year-olds go around wearing (aaaaaarrgh the girls just think it's pretty pink stuff but surely their parent's know it's a porn company!!!) The other day I bought Roo a set of three pants (aged 7-8.) They were those shortie style ones. When I opened the flamin' things I realised they had stuff like "Boy magnet", "High maintenance" and "Spoilt rotten" written all over them! I was fuming. Who wants a six-year-old walking around with knickers on saying "boy magnet"??? Grrrrr.....

We spent a great day with my Mum yesterday. In the morning we went to the swimming pool and Romy showed off her skills to her Nana. After picking up some stuff for lunch and washing my hair we went off for a rather chilly walk to the nature reserve down near the Humber Bridge. We took two loaves of bread for the ducks and swans but the poor things were ravenous and we could have done with about twenty loaves! At one point we felt as though we were in a Hitchcock movie as we were followed menacingly by hungry seagulls circling above our heads. Eek! We managed to shake them off and sought shelter from the spitting rain in the old ropeworks art gallery. There were some lovely things on display but, of course none were affordable to plebs like us, lol.

Today we've had lots of fun looking through the books we got from the library. Romy has done all the poses in the kids yoga book "My Daddy is a Pretzel" and we've read from Alfred the Great to King John in this fantastic book. Romy has done her handwriting practice, compared maps of Europe from Medieval times and the present day and learnt all about costumes through the ages in an excellent book that starts in the dark ages and finishes in the 1990's.

Off to TKD now. Got two very busy days coming up!


Blogger dottyspots said...

Charming! I have to agree that I find clothes for little girls plastered with that sort of stuff very annoying too (to say the least).

6:46 AM  
Blogger Jax said...

Did you take them back? I would have done, and complained :)

I loathe that sort of stuff with a passion, but it's so very difficult to find an alternative, especially if you've got a mutant sized six year old like mine is (and probably yours if you're buying 7-8 pants for her).

7:22 AM  

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