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Sunday, January 15, 2006

This week's goings on...

Had quite a busy week again. Romy has shown a big interest in castles and other medieval type things so we've done quite a bit of castle stuff. We read an Usborne book showing the insides of castles and what each bit was for. Romy surprised me by knowing 90% of it already though. Probably because she has a lift-the-flap castle book that she loves and has read to herself several times. We then found a site where you can print off castle pieces to put together, so we're in the process of trying that out at the moment. Here's Roo painting the pieces brown.

We've stuck them onto cardboard and they're waiting to be cut out and turned into a castle now... easy! Ahem ;o)

We made a lovely Hama bead fairy using a set my Mum bought Romy for Xmas. It took ages but is well worth it I think. We got stuck in making some bread on Friday too. We used the organic multi-grain flour we bought from the windmill at Kirton a while ago. It was a bit out of date but tasted great anyway. Once again Roo was in raptures at being able to get her hands in... ...And the resulting face bread buns were lovely. Here they are before going into the oven... We've done loads of reading this week too. We finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then moved on to The Twits, Esio Trot and The Giraffe, Pelly and Me. We've now started Matilda!!! Phew!

Whilst house-sitting at my Brother's while he had his new kitchen put in we managed some spelling, handwriting, maths and reading (a rebus book - great fun trying to decipher!)

We made a sun-catcher from a kit that I got for Xmas. Here's Roo painting the leaves on our new trampette (which is the best fun ever!!) We've also had a family camp-out on the living-room floor this week. Well, I had the settee which has been surprisingly comfortable :o) Roo and I even had a midnight feast one night while Colin was asleep, lol.

Yesterday after her TKD class Romy and Colin went to Scunthorpe museum to their Science Club. Romy had a great time and there seemed to be lots of other home educated kids there. It was two hours long and they did loads of experiments. She came home with lots of stuff! She made some fossil castings out of plaster of paris: Did some chromatography (seperating felt tip colours using filter paper and water,) Made a paper flyer: Made a pinhole camera out of a crisp tube. Made a hot air ballooon from a plastic bag and hair dryer, made a battery that lit up a bulb using vinegar and salt water (?) Created static electricity with polystyrene plates, aluminium and wool (here Roo is getting an electric shock!) Romy is absolutely gagging to go back. She has an archaeology club meeting to go to in a couple of weeks there too. Should be good.

Today we went to Lincoln to pick up a dog guard for the car that someone was offering on the lincs freecycle group. The hilarious (not) thing is that Tilly managed to escape from it three times on the way home. Grrrr....... After picking that up we carried on to Nottingham to visit my Grandma and Aunty. Haven't seen them for about six months so that was nice.


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