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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We went to a great drama session with our local home ed group today. Romy (and all the other kids) had such a good time! The woman who led the session was absolutely fantastic with the kids. The two-hour session was jam-packed with great activities. At the end the little groups each put on a play. I was so proud of Romy. I could see she was a bit embarrassed but she managed to speak up really well. She had a good old play too with friends old and new. The lady runs a drama club in Gainsborough but it's at an awkward time. However, she said that come September she may be opening a branch in Scunthorpe. We'd definitely be interested if it was at a convenient time (which at the moment is harder to find than the Holy Grail!)

This morning Romy managed some phonics worksheets and to varnish her dog bed with PVA glue before we went to the drama workshop. This evening she's been to Rainbows and then to watch Daddy at TKD (well, play with two of her friends there really!) She's now tidying her room ready for Emily to come and play tomorrow. Last night Colin helped her to do a time line of all the kings and queens between 500AD and 1500 for her Middle Ages project.

Romy and I went for a walk yesterday and inadvertantly ended up in the pet shop looking at piggies (whoops, how did that happen?) There was the most adorable little scrap of a thing covered in rosettes (fur, not real ones) so we somehow ended up buying him after lying to the shop assistant that our other piggies are just babies themselves (they won't let you have them if you're putting them with older ones. They think they'll fight.) Anyhoo, we called him Scrappy which suited him perfectly. BUT on the way home I noticed he had diarrhoea. I thought it might be because he was scared but no, he still had it today so we had to take him back as under guarantee they say they'll pay for him to be seen by a vet. That was after I was asked twice if we wanted to swap "it"!! How unfeeling can you get?? Romy is now worried that the poor thing's not going to survive. Who knows? It's such a shame as he got on really well with the other two. Willow in particular loved him to bits and pieces. Here's a piccy of their fleeting meeting...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Dog Share!

We looked after Tilly on Saturday night so that my Mum could have a well deserved lie-in on Sunday and we loved having her! She was so spoilt because it was nice having a dog around for a short time ;o) It took Romy's mind off Pippy too. She was no trouble at all, so we've all decided that she'll live at my Mum's during the week so that Roo and I can get on with home edding. Then my Dad will bring her over on Saturday morning and we'll take her back on Sunday. That way they get their weekends free :o) Perfect for all concerned.

I think I'll just bullet-point what we've done over the last few days. Romy is doing some worksheets at the moment but I'll need to see to her in a mo'.
-Did lots from the Learning Ladder Year 3 CD-Rom (time, directions, plans, recording our voices and playing them back millions of times!!)
-Started making a medieval banquet tray with goblets from the Art Attack magazine. We got as far as the goblets by putting papier mache into the end of balloons to make the cup bit.
-Emily came round to play on Friday afternoon. I was feeling ill (have had a sore throat and swollen glands) but they occupied themselves wonderfully.
-Romy won a little prize at her swimming lesson. They all had to do a mushroom float and see who could stay under the longest. The other kids popped up one by one and Roo stayed under for ages! I was really proud of her as she's been feeling a bit despondent recently about taking a while to get her next badges. She's not the strongest swimmer in the group, but she obviously has the biggest lung capacity, tee hee. It was great for her self esteem to be best at something.
-We didn't go to Tai Chi as I didn't feel too well.
-Pippy died and we buried him in the garden next to Squeaky :o(((
-We printed off a tooth brushing chart for each of us so that Roo can start doing her own teeth in the morning. I'm still doing them for her at night.
-Romy went to the Archaeology club at the museum. This time it was Landscape Archaeology. Next time it's Investigating Alphabets.
-Went to My Mum's for Sunday dinner. She helped Roo make a bed for her dogs. She's started collecting the magazine every fortnight (using her £2 a week pocket money) and you only get a bed if you subscribe by credit card or direct bebit. Romy's bed looks much nicer anyway ;o) When it's finnished I'll post a pic.
-We went to Brigg garden centre and Roo went on the trampolines while we stood freezing our bits off saying "one more bounce!"
-Last night we played our own version of Deal or no deal. Roo was the contestant. Colin was the banker and I was Noel Edmonds (ha!) Instead of going up to £250,000 we had increments in ten pences from 10p to £2.00. Believe it or not Roo managed to win the Grand Prize!!!
-Started doing one of those scratch offd the foil pictures that we picked up from Poundstretchers for a pound. It's a rainbow fish one.
-Romy has read me loads more books. My lovely sister Jen went to a charity shop the other day and saw that they had books for a pound per carrier bag!! So she got two for Roo. There were some really really great books in there; nearly all the Famous Five and Secret Seven stories, loads of educational books and some great stories for Roo to read to me. It'll take us ages to trawl through them, but what fun! ;0)))

Saturday, February 25, 2006

R.I.P Pippy :o((((((

Okay, so we had a really bad shock last night. Romy was riding around on Colin's back in the dining room. They scared Willow who ran into his cage. Pippy was just inside the house bit and when Willow ran past him into the house Colin could see that he'd died (he didn't move basically.) Romy was absolutely distraught and clung really tightly to me in tears. Colin picked Pip up and he was as stiff as a board (Romy didn't see.) Goodness knows how many hours he'd been gone. Poor thing. It was so unexpected. He was fine earlier in the day. The other two piggies seem very subdued at the moment.

Poor Romy said she wouldn't be able to sleep last night. I told her I'd stay up with her (what sort of Mummy wouldn't?) We played games in bed and read Paddington. Bless her, it was gone 2am when she finally dropped off :o( She's feeling a bit better today. She's been to her XMA class which took her mind off it for a while and now she's out at the museum archaeology club with Colin for an hour. We might try and think of something special to do later as a treat.

Here's a nice picture of Pippy (top) with his brothers. He was such a gentle soul. He always looked out for little Toby and loved licking our fingers. He only ever bit anyone once, when Romy's fingers smelled of cucumber :o) He's gone to play with Squeaky now, bless him.

And here are a couple of photo's of him as a baby...

Friday, February 24, 2006


You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 7/8 correct!

Ooh, I like this one :o)))

Just in case you can't see because of the background it says "You are 21 years old"!!!!
You Are 21 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fun and Frolics.

On Monday morning I stumbled accross this great blog. So Romy and I decided to make the chocolate bark recipe (that's the sort of recipe I like - two ingredients, lol.) We just so happened to have a bar of vegan chocolate and some nuts to hand. When melted we simply poured the mixture out onto a sheet of tin foil and then broke it up when set. Yummy!! Romy couldn't resist licking the plate I'd used to melt the choccy over the pan. Here's the result. Had to plonk her in the bath straight away as she even had it in her hair!! We started reading this book about a boy becoming a Page in Medieval times. It's fantastic. It's written in the form of a diary and uses quite a lot of Olde Worlde type language which is great as it's led to a lot of discussions and explanations. Romy was inspired to make her own version of the book later on and started dictating stuff to me and adding her own illustrations and character profiles. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with a ClueFinders CD-Rom borrowed from Nikki. Romy really enjoyed that. It took absolutely ages to get through it but on the way she worked through English, Maths, Science and Geography. Great fun! I got sucked in too :o)

After Romy's TKD lesson Colin had to rush off to a First Aid meeting so while I had a bath Roo sat and read me this lovely book from the library. She also read me this one and this one! They were all very funny and enjoyable for Roo to read. Looks like we'll be back to the library again soon to clear out another shelf of Early Readers, lol.

Colin had the day off on Tuesday as we'd arranged to meet our friends at Whisby nature reserve in Lincoln. We had a lovely walk round the lake and visited a fantastic exhibition about the environment which was very "Hands On." The kids had a ball. Here are Roo and Katie standing in a puddle and posing underneath a wind turbine.
After we'd had our pack-up in the car we went to "The Collection" archaeology museum that we went to the other week with Nikki and Emily. They had a Viking workshop on for the kids. They got to make a helmet mask thing, a clay ornament of a Viking Longship, a mosaic brooch and do some weaving. They all seemed to enjoy themselves despite being herded around like school kids! Oh well, it's good for them to see how the other half live, rofl.

We were sent a nice book to review today by EO. It's called Stanley Bagshaw and the Twenty Two Ton Whale. It looks good. Will have to read it tomorrow. Talking of books. Romy has started keeping a reading diary (inspired by Denise's children.) We're using an exercise book and Romy is drawing a picture and writing a bit about each book she's read (and ones I've read her.) We're trying to backdate it to the beginning of this year but it's hard to remember them all!!

Today We read a book about Medieval markets and learnt lots (both of us!) Then Romy played the ClueFinders game again but on a harder level. Even I was stumped by some of it! Hmm, worrying ;o) After TKD tonight Roo spent some more time filling in her reading diary. Now we're off to bed... to read!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Busy weekend.

We've had a lovely weekend. Quite busy too which has been nice. On Thursday night Roo and I went to our Tai Chi lesson which was much more enjoyable than the first one. Must be getting old as Romy has picked it up much faster than me ;o) On Friday Roo and I had a lovely stroll around town. We looked in all the clothes shops and Roo (bless her) was very patient whilst I tried on LOTS of stuff! It's ok this losing weight lark if you've actually got some money to buy new clothes! I ended up giving up in a grump when everything was too expensive or didn't look right. We then went into a charity shop to look at toys and lo and behold I find two pairs of brand new jeans, one blue and one black that fitted perfectly for £4 each!!! Woohoo :o) I was astonished to find that size 18 fitted (I used to be a 28!) *Grins* Still got a long way to go but I feel in control around food now instead of feeling controlled by it.

Anyhoo, after the shops we went to the library and got a load more books on Medieval life and lots of books for Roo to read to me. Colin came to meet us after work and we took Roo to her swimming lesson. She's getting on really well. Her teacher said she should be up for her next two badges half way through the next set of 10 lessons. After that it was a quick dash home to dry Roo's hair (the swimming cap my Mum bought her didn't quite do the trick!) We then went to Grimsby for a quiz night at 8pm. It was in aid of Chernobyl children and we met our friends there. They are having two children over from there to stay for a month. Aparrently a month of breathing fresh air and eating well can add two + years to their life. We didn't win the quiz (despite our amazing intellect ;0)) but they did manage to raise about £500 towards the children's air fares. That sounds like quite a lot until you find out that it costs £360 each child!!! And that's with a discount! I think that's disgusting. I'm sure Richard Branson could afford to send a plane over for nothing ;o)

I got a text from my friend in London that night at 1.10am asking if I was asleep. She rang me and we talked until 2.40, lol. She said she couldn't sleep and thought "Who would still be awake at this time?" For some reason my name popped into her head. Can't think why ;o) I then had to drag my bum out of bed disgustingly early on Saturday morning for Roo's XMA taekwondo lesson. They're learning a routine with Bo-staffs now which look like giant snooker cues, lol. Afterwards we went for a little wander around brigg and then went to my Mum's. She had got us tickets for a puppet show by this wonderful puppet company. It was fantastic and Romy thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really good value at £2 a ticket too. I'll have to see if we can book them for a home ed group event.

Today we've had a lovely afternoon at my Mum's. all my brothers and my sister were there except my older bro'. It was great to see everyone. Stephen and Emma brought their chocolate fountain so everyone had lots of scrummy stuff to dip into that. Roo's cousins loved it. We had our fondue set with dark choccy in, so Romy didn't miss out. I think the bananas and strawberries were best, yum! Before that we had a lovely indoor BBQ with veggie burgers and sausages. Colin has gone out now so Roo and I are going to read lots of stories and watch the figure skating :o)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lovehearts and Rainbows.

So, I didn't get any Valentine's cards from secret admirers (rofl) but Roo and I were more than chuffed to find two cards and two bunches of flowers on the kitchen work-top from Colin when we got up :o))) We all decided to make each other cards this year instead of buying them which was nice. We made Colin a 'love box' in the morning as he was coming home at lunch time to take us to Nikki and Emily's for the afternoon. Roo made him a bunch of paper flowers (complete with perfume!) to put in the box. I wrote him some little notes and we put some flap jack in that we'd made along with some other nibbles.

We had a lovely time at Emily's. The girls made some scrummy vegan loveheart biscuits covered in chocolate and hundreds and thousands and generally had a good old play. When Colin came to pick us up we had to hot-foot it over to Brigg for 5 o'clock for Taekwondo. All the way there we stared out of the window at the most amazingly bright double rainbow. It was lovely.

On Wednesday we went to play at Roo's friend's house who is on half-term holiday at the moment. Roo had a whale of a time and I had a good old gossip which was nice. It was bring a friend week at TKD so Emily came for a session on Weds evening. It was really a thinly veiled attempt at getting more members but I think we escaped without too much of a grilling, lol. During Colin's lesson Roo was glad to see her friend (who comes to watch her sister who's in Colin's class.) We were beginning to think she'd left as they'd not been back since the graduation.

Today Roo and I have had a stroll up to Ashby. We dropped some books back into the library and then had a look in all the shops. Romy took her doll in its pushchair which was great for putting shopping in ;o) I'd forgotten how useful those things are! The only thing is, it needs a bit of an oil. The squeak that followed us around was at times ear-splitting. Like fingernails down a black board. We had a nice dinner at a cafe and bought a few books from a charity shop (10p each, bargain!)

Tilly is getting on really well with my Mum. I think she must have a knack with dogs as she says she's been no trouble at all. Are we talking about the same animal???

Better go, we have to leave for Tai Chi, er... NOW!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Things and stuff...

As usual I can't remember everything we've done since I last updated, so I'll just have to be vague.

Reading: we've finished Matilda and started and Animal Ark book 'Guinea Pigs in the Garage.' Had a bit of trouble with Matilda as I didn't realise in places it was so dark. Miss Trunchbull is basically a child abuser but gets no punishment for it. The children don't even tell their parents as they know they wouldn't believe them. We had to have a little talk about that one! We got a nice surprise with the EO newsletter; three World Book Day tokens. This year one of the books that you can exchange the token for is a new Daisy Meadows one "Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy.' Romy Can't wait! She's reading loads of books to herself now which is great. Reading is certainly one area where I don't have any worries.

Maths: we did some work on reducing fractions (with the aid of plastercine 'cakes' and a knife, lol.) Also did some sorting stuff using attribute blocks but that was a bit too simple.

Middle Ages Project: we've done lots more on this. We've learnt about the steps to becoming a knight, Roo's drawn some lovely pictures of jousting competitions, she's labeled a picture showing all the different pieces of armour, and sat and read lots of stuff to herself. It's really captured her imagination this Medieval lark.

Art/craft/baking: We made some lovely plain and chocolate coated flapjacks yesterday, inspired by some biscuits we bought from Mount Pleasant Windmill in Kirton the other day. I hadn't a clue how to make them so we just melted vegan margarine and golden syrup and mixed in some oats. They turned out really nice! Romy's done lots of drawing and colouring to herself in the evenings and this morning we've made some lovely Valentine's cards.

Activities: Romy's been to her swimming lesson, Rainbows and umpty nine million Taekwondo lessons. In fact on Saturday morning her and Colin attended a special two-hour kick boxing and kali stick workshop with a guest instructor. Colin loved it. Roo did too but was beginning to wonder when it would end, lol. I was alright I sat and had a two-hour gossip with one of the other Mums. I get on really well with her and she seems to know all the inside info that goes on behind the scenes - juicy! After TKD we went into Brigg for a wander. I went into my fave fruit and veg shop which is also a florist and was appalled to see that a dozen red roses for Valentine's day were "only" £45!!!!!!!! Well all you Romeo's out there, you should go to Tesco's as they're only £4 or something.
On Weds we went to a brilliant museum of archaeology in Lincoln called The Collection. It was fab! Romy and Emily had a great time looking at all the 'hands-on' exhibits. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone. Oh and while you're there don't forget to visit the toilets! The girls were in raptures about them, rofl. Here's Roo trying on some Medieval gauntlets....

....Dressed as a Roman lady.....
.... And making mosaics with Emily.

On Thursday Roo and I went to the Tai Chi class. It wasn't quite as groovy as I'd thought it would be, or as easy! The lady who teaches us does the Yang style which is quite hard and energetic (for Tai chi!!) Anyway, we had a go and enjoyed ourselves. My only complaint was that the hall was too small and too cold (ok then, two complaints ;o))

We went round to see my friend on Friday as it was her birthday. She'd had a miserable week looking after husband and two kids who were all ill :o( I hope she had a nice pampering session with the stuff I bought her from The Body Shop. We went with her to pick Abi up from school. She was full of cold. Romy hugged her for one minute and BAM! She now has yet another cold! There's sharing and then there's sharing :o(

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thanks Lucy!

Your Life Path Number is 3

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You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life.
Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen.
A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party.

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And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings.
Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Friends for lunch.

Yesterday we had Kris and her girls round for lunch and a play. Well secretly I think they came to see Toby, lol. The girls had a picnic on the dining room floor and piglet showed her altruistic side by sharing hers with the guinea pigs ;o) They then disappeared upstairs to return Roo's bedroom to its natural state. It doesn't like having to be tidied for visitors, lol. Whilst they were playing I tried to give Kris a bit of Reiki in-between visits downstairs by the girls and whispers of "Can I show them what you're doing?" (Roo)
"What's happening to my Mummy?" (Tea)
"Can I have my vitamin tablet? (Roo again!)
Whether Kris was able to relax for a nano-second I don't know. Tee hee! The kids also had fun making lovely pictures from various crafty scrap bits. At one point we all ended up sprinkling glitter in each other's hair. Hmm, don't quite know how that happened ;o)

Last night at Taekwondo I managed to read through my Reiki Master's manual while Colin and Roo had their lessons. I know how to attune other people now. I think I'll 'practice' on Colin first as he's been asking me for ages.

Tilly is doing really well at my Mum's. It sounds as though she's taking her in hand (my Mum, not Tilly!) And it's soooooooo quiet here *hurrah*. We've been able to do our work at the table in peace today for the first time in over a year.

Talking of work, we've carried on with the Medieval project today. Romy has drawn pictures of the fictitious royal family for her castle. She got ideas for the costumes from a book on fashions through the ages we got from the library. She's also made up names for them and labelled them. We got a lovely set of eight postcards this morning from Lucy and her children. They've been visiting lots of castles in Scotland and very kindly sent us the postcards. Roo was over the moon and decided to stick them into her project. She wrote the names underneath each one and then we printed off a map of Scotland and marked them all on with coloured dots and made a key. I didn't realise there were so many castles in the U.K. We found this great website that lists them all alphabetically. We'll have to visit some this year I think.

This afternoon we did some maths; learning about grid references. What better way to learn that to do, so off we went to play battleships! Romy won, hmph. My brother and I used to have electronic battleships when we were young. That was more fun with the sound effects (mind you, you can be sure Roo and I made up our own, lol.) Better get Roo ready for Rainbows.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tilly's travels.

Tilly (our dog) has gone off to live at my Mum's! Well, she's gone for a two week trial anyway. My Mum has experience training dogs and more time than I have to do stuff with her. I really hope it works out as this way we'll be able to see her whenever we like. The biggest hurdle to be overcome is my Mum's cat. She's 14 and scared stiff of The Tillster. Fingers crossed that they can get used to each other. I have to say that at the moment the guinea pigs seem to be putting the flags out, lol. They are running around the room unhindered by canine intrusion :0) Mind you, they didn't much enjoy having a bath this evening. Willow even had the hair dryer! His hair is so long it'd take hours to dry otherwise. He looked just like a show piggy on my knee being dried and combed, lol. Anyway will keep updating on the Tilly situation.

We've not done much today really; packed up all Tilly's stuff, Colin and Roo went to the recycling centre at the tip (looooong overdue!!) and I've spoken to a lovely lady on the phone who runs a Tai Chi class in Burton on Stather and is soon to be starting one right near me! I've been wanting to do Tai Chi for a long time but couldn't find anywhere near me. I bought a DVD off eBay and was disappointed with the quality of it (mind you, it was v. cheap!) But as I did the little bits that it demonstrated I could feel the energy in my palms just like when I do a Reiki session. I was amazed and very impressed. The class in Burton starts this Thursday and by jiggling around Colin and Roo's TKD classes I might just be able to make it. Let's hope so.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another week flies by.

Must remember to update this more often. The days just disappear!

Right, Monday. Romy was poorly all day so we did nowt. She was being sick every half-hour or so, so we sat on the settee and read stories and had cuddles. She even missed TKD so she must've been ill, lol.

By Tuesday she'd recovered and was raring to go with her Medieval project. We learnt about The Plague and Roo filled in some missing words and answered questions about what she'd learnt. She then decided to invent a fictitious royal family to write about and draw. She drew their castle and their banquet hall. She is also going to draw costumes, coat-of-arms, food, etc for them. Roo then went to Rainbows where she made a lovely red purse for Chinese New Year. The other girls had chocolate money in it so we had to bring a vegan alternative for Roo. The only thing we could find vaguely similar to coins were Whizzers (vegan smarties.) She enjoyed them anyway, lol.

Can't remember what we did on Wednesday other than spend a freeeeeezing afternoon at the park with Emily and Nikki. The girls went on their scooters and seemed oblivious to the -2 temperature! Brrrr... We gave up after a while and persuaded them to come back to our house for a play :o)

On Thursday we had a fun day. We did a bit of science with the classic cornflour and water mixture. Great fun!! During the 'experiment' (ahem) I went to answer the phone to my Mum. Returning to the kitchen I found Roo in fits of giggles having poured the mixture out onto the worktop whilst repeatedly whacking it with a slotted spoon.... Okaaaay.... I sometimes wonder about that girl, rofl. We made a door hanger for Roo's room from that foam craft stuff and then did some designed from a stained glass pictures book using felt-tips. Most satisfying :o) Romy also made a wonderful front-cover for her project. Or was that on Tuesday? Note to self: Try and update more.

Friday was great. Our friends came over for the day and Roo was able to play with Katie and Lewis. They had some time here first and then spent a good three hours running about at the new play are near us. I don't know what they found to do for that length of time but none of them wanted to leave :o) On the way home the girl's decided that they hadn't had a day off 'school' work; they'd done lots of P.E, some maths (working out how much change they'd get from a pound for their drinks,) Geography (directions of how to get there,) and Drama (dressing up at our house.) Typical home educated kids, squeezing every ounce of possible education out of everything they've done, lol.

This morning Roo went to her XMA class and then we went into Town. I bought My friend lots of nice strawberry stuff from The Body Shop for her birthday on Friday. She deserves a bit of luxury :o) Ooh, valentines day soon. Don't know why I wrote that. I haven't received a secret Valentine's card for 15 years *sigh*