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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another week flies by.

Must remember to update this more often. The days just disappear!

Right, Monday. Romy was poorly all day so we did nowt. She was being sick every half-hour or so, so we sat on the settee and read stories and had cuddles. She even missed TKD so she must've been ill, lol.

By Tuesday she'd recovered and was raring to go with her Medieval project. We learnt about The Plague and Roo filled in some missing words and answered questions about what she'd learnt. She then decided to invent a fictitious royal family to write about and draw. She drew their castle and their banquet hall. She is also going to draw costumes, coat-of-arms, food, etc for them. Roo then went to Rainbows where she made a lovely red purse for Chinese New Year. The other girls had chocolate money in it so we had to bring a vegan alternative for Roo. The only thing we could find vaguely similar to coins were Whizzers (vegan smarties.) She enjoyed them anyway, lol.

Can't remember what we did on Wednesday other than spend a freeeeeezing afternoon at the park with Emily and Nikki. The girls went on their scooters and seemed oblivious to the -2 temperature! Brrrr... We gave up after a while and persuaded them to come back to our house for a play :o)

On Thursday we had a fun day. We did a bit of science with the classic cornflour and water mixture. Great fun!! During the 'experiment' (ahem) I went to answer the phone to my Mum. Returning to the kitchen I found Roo in fits of giggles having poured the mixture out onto the worktop whilst repeatedly whacking it with a slotted spoon.... Okaaaay.... I sometimes wonder about that girl, rofl. We made a door hanger for Roo's room from that foam craft stuff and then did some designed from a stained glass pictures book using felt-tips. Most satisfying :o) Romy also made a wonderful front-cover for her project. Or was that on Tuesday? Note to self: Try and update more.

Friday was great. Our friends came over for the day and Roo was able to play with Katie and Lewis. They had some time here first and then spent a good three hours running about at the new play are near us. I don't know what they found to do for that length of time but none of them wanted to leave :o) On the way home the girl's decided that they hadn't had a day off 'school' work; they'd done lots of P.E, some maths (working out how much change they'd get from a pound for their drinks,) Geography (directions of how to get there,) and Drama (dressing up at our house.) Typical home educated kids, squeezing every ounce of possible education out of everything they've done, lol.

This morning Roo went to her XMA class and then we went into Town. I bought My friend lots of nice strawberry stuff from The Body Shop for her birthday on Friday. She deserves a bit of luxury :o) Ooh, valentines day soon. Don't know why I wrote that. I haven't received a secret Valentine's card for 15 years *sigh*


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