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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Busy weekend.

We've had a lovely weekend. Quite busy too which has been nice. On Thursday night Roo and I went to our Tai Chi lesson which was much more enjoyable than the first one. Must be getting old as Romy has picked it up much faster than me ;o) On Friday Roo and I had a lovely stroll around town. We looked in all the clothes shops and Roo (bless her) was very patient whilst I tried on LOTS of stuff! It's ok this losing weight lark if you've actually got some money to buy new clothes! I ended up giving up in a grump when everything was too expensive or didn't look right. We then went into a charity shop to look at toys and lo and behold I find two pairs of brand new jeans, one blue and one black that fitted perfectly for £4 each!!! Woohoo :o) I was astonished to find that size 18 fitted (I used to be a 28!) *Grins* Still got a long way to go but I feel in control around food now instead of feeling controlled by it.

Anyhoo, after the shops we went to the library and got a load more books on Medieval life and lots of books for Roo to read to me. Colin came to meet us after work and we took Roo to her swimming lesson. She's getting on really well. Her teacher said she should be up for her next two badges half way through the next set of 10 lessons. After that it was a quick dash home to dry Roo's hair (the swimming cap my Mum bought her didn't quite do the trick!) We then went to Grimsby for a quiz night at 8pm. It was in aid of Chernobyl children and we met our friends there. They are having two children over from there to stay for a month. Aparrently a month of breathing fresh air and eating well can add two + years to their life. We didn't win the quiz (despite our amazing intellect ;0)) but they did manage to raise about £500 towards the children's air fares. That sounds like quite a lot until you find out that it costs £360 each child!!! And that's with a discount! I think that's disgusting. I'm sure Richard Branson could afford to send a plane over for nothing ;o)

I got a text from my friend in London that night at 1.10am asking if I was asleep. She rang me and we talked until 2.40, lol. She said she couldn't sleep and thought "Who would still be awake at this time?" For some reason my name popped into her head. Can't think why ;o) I then had to drag my bum out of bed disgustingly early on Saturday morning for Roo's XMA taekwondo lesson. They're learning a routine with Bo-staffs now which look like giant snooker cues, lol. Afterwards we went for a little wander around brigg and then went to my Mum's. She had got us tickets for a puppet show by this wonderful puppet company. It was fantastic and Romy thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really good value at £2 a ticket too. I'll have to see if we can book them for a home ed group event.

Today we've had a lovely afternoon at my Mum's. all my brothers and my sister were there except my older bro'. It was great to see everyone. Stephen and Emma brought their chocolate fountain so everyone had lots of scrummy stuff to dip into that. Roo's cousins loved it. We had our fondue set with dark choccy in, so Romy didn't miss out. I think the bananas and strawberries were best, yum! Before that we had a lovely indoor BBQ with veggie burgers and sausages. Colin has gone out now so Roo and I are going to read lots of stories and watch the figure skating :o)


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Does sound busy, puts us to shame,lol.

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