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Monday, February 27, 2006

Dog Share!

We looked after Tilly on Saturday night so that my Mum could have a well deserved lie-in on Sunday and we loved having her! She was so spoilt because it was nice having a dog around for a short time ;o) It took Romy's mind off Pippy too. She was no trouble at all, so we've all decided that she'll live at my Mum's during the week so that Roo and I can get on with home edding. Then my Dad will bring her over on Saturday morning and we'll take her back on Sunday. That way they get their weekends free :o) Perfect for all concerned.

I think I'll just bullet-point what we've done over the last few days. Romy is doing some worksheets at the moment but I'll need to see to her in a mo'.
-Did lots from the Learning Ladder Year 3 CD-Rom (time, directions, plans, recording our voices and playing them back millions of times!!)
-Started making a medieval banquet tray with goblets from the Art Attack magazine. We got as far as the goblets by putting papier mache into the end of balloons to make the cup bit.
-Emily came round to play on Friday afternoon. I was feeling ill (have had a sore throat and swollen glands) but they occupied themselves wonderfully.
-Romy won a little prize at her swimming lesson. They all had to do a mushroom float and see who could stay under the longest. The other kids popped up one by one and Roo stayed under for ages! I was really proud of her as she's been feeling a bit despondent recently about taking a while to get her next badges. She's not the strongest swimmer in the group, but she obviously has the biggest lung capacity, tee hee. It was great for her self esteem to be best at something.
-We didn't go to Tai Chi as I didn't feel too well.
-Pippy died and we buried him in the garden next to Squeaky :o(((
-We printed off a tooth brushing chart for each of us so that Roo can start doing her own teeth in the morning. I'm still doing them for her at night.
-Romy went to the Archaeology club at the museum. This time it was Landscape Archaeology. Next time it's Investigating Alphabets.
-Went to My Mum's for Sunday dinner. She helped Roo make a bed for her dogs. She's started collecting the magazine every fortnight (using her £2 a week pocket money) and you only get a bed if you subscribe by credit card or direct bebit. Romy's bed looks much nicer anyway ;o) When it's finnished I'll post a pic.
-We went to Brigg garden centre and Roo went on the trampolines while we stood freezing our bits off saying "one more bounce!"
-Last night we played our own version of Deal or no deal. Roo was the contestant. Colin was the banker and I was Noel Edmonds (ha!) Instead of going up to £250,000 we had increments in ten pences from 10p to £2.00. Believe it or not Roo managed to win the Grand Prize!!!
-Started doing one of those scratch offd the foil pictures that we picked up from Poundstretchers for a pound. It's a rainbow fish one.
-Romy has read me loads more books. My lovely sister Jen went to a charity shop the other day and saw that they had books for a pound per carrier bag!! So she got two for Roo. There were some really really great books in there; nearly all the Famous Five and Secret Seven stories, loads of educational books and some great stories for Roo to read to me. It'll take us ages to trawl through them, but what fun! ;0)))


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