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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We went to a great drama session with our local home ed group today. Romy (and all the other kids) had such a good time! The woman who led the session was absolutely fantastic with the kids. The two-hour session was jam-packed with great activities. At the end the little groups each put on a play. I was so proud of Romy. I could see she was a bit embarrassed but she managed to speak up really well. She had a good old play too with friends old and new. The lady runs a drama club in Gainsborough but it's at an awkward time. However, she said that come September she may be opening a branch in Scunthorpe. We'd definitely be interested if it was at a convenient time (which at the moment is harder to find than the Holy Grail!)

This morning Romy managed some phonics worksheets and to varnish her dog bed with PVA glue before we went to the drama workshop. This evening she's been to Rainbows and then to watch Daddy at TKD (well, play with two of her friends there really!) She's now tidying her room ready for Emily to come and play tomorrow. Last night Colin helped her to do a time line of all the kings and queens between 500AD and 1500 for her Middle Ages project.

Romy and I went for a walk yesterday and inadvertantly ended up in the pet shop looking at piggies (whoops, how did that happen?) There was the most adorable little scrap of a thing covered in rosettes (fur, not real ones) so we somehow ended up buying him after lying to the shop assistant that our other piggies are just babies themselves (they won't let you have them if you're putting them with older ones. They think they'll fight.) Anyhoo, we called him Scrappy which suited him perfectly. BUT on the way home I noticed he had diarrhoea. I thought it might be because he was scared but no, he still had it today so we had to take him back as under guarantee they say they'll pay for him to be seen by a vet. That was after I was asked twice if we wanted to swap "it"!! How unfeeling can you get?? Romy is now worried that the poor thing's not going to survive. Who knows? It's such a shame as he got on really well with the other two. Willow in particular loved him to bits and pieces. Here's a piccy of their fleeting meeting...


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