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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fun and Frolics.

On Monday morning I stumbled accross this great blog. So Romy and I decided to make the chocolate bark recipe (that's the sort of recipe I like - two ingredients, lol.) We just so happened to have a bar of vegan chocolate and some nuts to hand. When melted we simply poured the mixture out onto a sheet of tin foil and then broke it up when set. Yummy!! Romy couldn't resist licking the plate I'd used to melt the choccy over the pan. Here's the result. Had to plonk her in the bath straight away as she even had it in her hair!! We started reading this book about a boy becoming a Page in Medieval times. It's fantastic. It's written in the form of a diary and uses quite a lot of Olde Worlde type language which is great as it's led to a lot of discussions and explanations. Romy was inspired to make her own version of the book later on and started dictating stuff to me and adding her own illustrations and character profiles. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with a ClueFinders CD-Rom borrowed from Nikki. Romy really enjoyed that. It took absolutely ages to get through it but on the way she worked through English, Maths, Science and Geography. Great fun! I got sucked in too :o)

After Romy's TKD lesson Colin had to rush off to a First Aid meeting so while I had a bath Roo sat and read me this lovely book from the library. She also read me this one and this one! They were all very funny and enjoyable for Roo to read. Looks like we'll be back to the library again soon to clear out another shelf of Early Readers, lol.

Colin had the day off on Tuesday as we'd arranged to meet our friends at Whisby nature reserve in Lincoln. We had a lovely walk round the lake and visited a fantastic exhibition about the environment which was very "Hands On." The kids had a ball. Here are Roo and Katie standing in a puddle and posing underneath a wind turbine.
After we'd had our pack-up in the car we went to "The Collection" archaeology museum that we went to the other week with Nikki and Emily. They had a Viking workshop on for the kids. They got to make a helmet mask thing, a clay ornament of a Viking Longship, a mosaic brooch and do some weaving. They all seemed to enjoy themselves despite being herded around like school kids! Oh well, it's good for them to see how the other half live, rofl.

We were sent a nice book to review today by EO. It's called Stanley Bagshaw and the Twenty Two Ton Whale. It looks good. Will have to read it tomorrow. Talking of books. Romy has started keeping a reading diary (inspired by Denise's children.) We're using an exercise book and Romy is drawing a picture and writing a bit about each book she's read (and ones I've read her.) We're trying to backdate it to the beginning of this year but it's hard to remember them all!!

Today We read a book about Medieval markets and learnt lots (both of us!) Then Romy played the ClueFinders game again but on a harder level. Even I was stumped by some of it! Hmm, worrying ;o) After TKD tonight Roo spent some more time filling in her reading diary. Now we're off to bed... to read!


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