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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lovehearts and Rainbows.

So, I didn't get any Valentine's cards from secret admirers (rofl) but Roo and I were more than chuffed to find two cards and two bunches of flowers on the kitchen work-top from Colin when we got up :o))) We all decided to make each other cards this year instead of buying them which was nice. We made Colin a 'love box' in the morning as he was coming home at lunch time to take us to Nikki and Emily's for the afternoon. Roo made him a bunch of paper flowers (complete with perfume!) to put in the box. I wrote him some little notes and we put some flap jack in that we'd made along with some other nibbles.

We had a lovely time at Emily's. The girls made some scrummy vegan loveheart biscuits covered in chocolate and hundreds and thousands and generally had a good old play. When Colin came to pick us up we had to hot-foot it over to Brigg for 5 o'clock for Taekwondo. All the way there we stared out of the window at the most amazingly bright double rainbow. It was lovely.

On Wednesday we went to play at Roo's friend's house who is on half-term holiday at the moment. Roo had a whale of a time and I had a good old gossip which was nice. It was bring a friend week at TKD so Emily came for a session on Weds evening. It was really a thinly veiled attempt at getting more members but I think we escaped without too much of a grilling, lol. During Colin's lesson Roo was glad to see her friend (who comes to watch her sister who's in Colin's class.) We were beginning to think she'd left as they'd not been back since the graduation.

Today Roo and I have had a stroll up to Ashby. We dropped some books back into the library and then had a look in all the shops. Romy took her doll in its pushchair which was great for putting shopping in ;o) I'd forgotten how useful those things are! The only thing is, it needs a bit of an oil. The squeak that followed us around was at times ear-splitting. Like fingernails down a black board. We had a nice dinner at a cafe and bought a few books from a charity shop (10p each, bargain!)

Tilly is getting on really well with my Mum. I think she must have a knack with dogs as she says she's been no trouble at all. Are we talking about the same animal???

Better go, we have to leave for Tai Chi, er... NOW!!


Blogger Nana Linda said...

The two week trial is up on Sunday and Tilly has settled in so well. Little cat is still scared stiff of her and lives upstairs all eenthe time. One day she will realise that all she has to do is swipe Tilly on the end of her nose with her claw then she'll be boss and we can get back to normal.

4:24 PM  

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