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Monday, February 13, 2006

Things and stuff...

As usual I can't remember everything we've done since I last updated, so I'll just have to be vague.

Reading: we've finished Matilda and started and Animal Ark book 'Guinea Pigs in the Garage.' Had a bit of trouble with Matilda as I didn't realise in places it was so dark. Miss Trunchbull is basically a child abuser but gets no punishment for it. The children don't even tell their parents as they know they wouldn't believe them. We had to have a little talk about that one! We got a nice surprise with the EO newsletter; three World Book Day tokens. This year one of the books that you can exchange the token for is a new Daisy Meadows one "Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy.' Romy Can't wait! She's reading loads of books to herself now which is great. Reading is certainly one area where I don't have any worries.

Maths: we did some work on reducing fractions (with the aid of plastercine 'cakes' and a knife, lol.) Also did some sorting stuff using attribute blocks but that was a bit too simple.

Middle Ages Project: we've done lots more on this. We've learnt about the steps to becoming a knight, Roo's drawn some lovely pictures of jousting competitions, she's labeled a picture showing all the different pieces of armour, and sat and read lots of stuff to herself. It's really captured her imagination this Medieval lark.

Art/craft/baking: We made some lovely plain and chocolate coated flapjacks yesterday, inspired by some biscuits we bought from Mount Pleasant Windmill in Kirton the other day. I hadn't a clue how to make them so we just melted vegan margarine and golden syrup and mixed in some oats. They turned out really nice! Romy's done lots of drawing and colouring to herself in the evenings and this morning we've made some lovely Valentine's cards.

Activities: Romy's been to her swimming lesson, Rainbows and umpty nine million Taekwondo lessons. In fact on Saturday morning her and Colin attended a special two-hour kick boxing and kali stick workshop with a guest instructor. Colin loved it. Roo did too but was beginning to wonder when it would end, lol. I was alright I sat and had a two-hour gossip with one of the other Mums. I get on really well with her and she seems to know all the inside info that goes on behind the scenes - juicy! After TKD we went into Brigg for a wander. I went into my fave fruit and veg shop which is also a florist and was appalled to see that a dozen red roses for Valentine's day were "only" £45!!!!!!!! Well all you Romeo's out there, you should go to Tesco's as they're only £4 or something.
On Weds we went to a brilliant museum of archaeology in Lincoln called The Collection. It was fab! Romy and Emily had a great time looking at all the 'hands-on' exhibits. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone. Oh and while you're there don't forget to visit the toilets! The girls were in raptures about them, rofl. Here's Roo trying on some Medieval gauntlets....

....Dressed as a Roman lady.....
.... And making mosaics with Emily.

On Thursday Roo and I went to the Tai Chi class. It wasn't quite as groovy as I'd thought it would be, or as easy! The lady who teaches us does the Yang style which is quite hard and energetic (for Tai chi!!) Anyway, we had a go and enjoyed ourselves. My only complaint was that the hall was too small and too cold (ok then, two complaints ;o))

We went round to see my friend on Friday as it was her birthday. She'd had a miserable week looking after husband and two kids who were all ill :o( I hope she had a nice pampering session with the stuff I bought her from The Body Shop. We went with her to pick Abi up from school. She was full of cold. Romy hugged her for one minute and BAM! She now has yet another cold! There's sharing and then there's sharing :o(


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