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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tilly's travels.

Tilly (our dog) has gone off to live at my Mum's! Well, she's gone for a two week trial anyway. My Mum has experience training dogs and more time than I have to do stuff with her. I really hope it works out as this way we'll be able to see her whenever we like. The biggest hurdle to be overcome is my Mum's cat. She's 14 and scared stiff of The Tillster. Fingers crossed that they can get used to each other. I have to say that at the moment the guinea pigs seem to be putting the flags out, lol. They are running around the room unhindered by canine intrusion :0) Mind you, they didn't much enjoy having a bath this evening. Willow even had the hair dryer! His hair is so long it'd take hours to dry otherwise. He looked just like a show piggy on my knee being dried and combed, lol. Anyway will keep updating on the Tilly situation.

We've not done much today really; packed up all Tilly's stuff, Colin and Roo went to the recycling centre at the tip (looooong overdue!!) and I've spoken to a lovely lady on the phone who runs a Tai Chi class in Burton on Stather and is soon to be starting one right near me! I've been wanting to do Tai Chi for a long time but couldn't find anywhere near me. I bought a DVD off eBay and was disappointed with the quality of it (mind you, it was v. cheap!) But as I did the little bits that it demonstrated I could feel the energy in my palms just like when I do a Reiki session. I was amazed and very impressed. The class in Burton starts this Thursday and by jiggling around Colin and Roo's TKD classes I might just be able to make it. Let's hope so.


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