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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mick Inkpen.

Wonder if that's his real name? Lol. Here's Romy's lovely picture from Kipper. I think it's her best yet :o)

And here's mine:

After researching 'The Inkpen' on t'internet Romy spent an hour or so on a great CD-ROM that Emily lent us yesterday. It's a Wizaer of Oz one. There were plenty of problems to solve along the way collecting gemstones. Romy really enjoyed it. She did the bronze level, so is going to do the silver and gold ones before we give it back. She's watching Art Attack at the moment, which is always dangerous when we have to go straight out when Colin gets in ;o) "Oh but can I just make this sponge sculpture/papier mache hippo/other mad project before we go."

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Nikki and Emily's. The girls put on an unfeaeeeeasibly loooong play for us and then polished most of Nikki's Myth and Magic figurines. They obviously thought it was really exciting, lol. Afterwards Romy went to her last ever Rainbows meeting. She got a lovely goodbye card and this patch to sew on her Brownies sash:

Last night my next-door neighbour came round and asked if Romy wanted this basketball hoop. Her daughter has grown out of it and she was going to put it in the skip!! Amazing what some people throw away. Mind you I seem to be a veritable magnet for people getting rid of stuff, hence the clutterd-ness of my house, lol.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Does this count as Media Studies? :o)

This morning we got up very late and decided to have a leisurely breakfast in bed (PJ smoothie and vegan chocolate spread on toast - yum!) Then, still in bed, we read the last few chapters of The Wizard of Oz that we couldn't quite manage last night. Romy has thoroughly enjoyed this book and it is her new mini-obsession. She's acting out a sequel at the moment with her Playmobil figures, lol. Anyway, when we finally dragged our lazy bums downstairs at gone lunch time, what was on the doormat along with the bills? The Oz DVD I got Roo off eBay!! The upshot was that all thoughts of the work we were going to do went out of the window and we snuggled down on the settee to watch. I'm ashamed to say I've never ever seen the movie or read the book. Having Romy has enabled me to discover tons of childhood classics for the very first time. What on earth did I do as a child??? Play out in the street and listen to Shakin' Stevens records I think ;o)

By the time the film had finished it was time for Colin to come home and Roo to get ready for TKD. Cue Bad Mother thoughts; what had we done all day? That is until I remembered all the stuff Roo had learnt by listening to the story (she asked loads of questions along the way) and the long discussion we had after the film comparing and contrasting the plots, speculating about why they'd had to omit/add/alter certain parts, talked about special effects, cinematography, the actors, costumes, etc. The thing is, none of this was forced or planned, it's just natural learning that occurs spontaneously and with much enjoyment. Romy remembers every little thing about it too which doesn't happen when I try and 'teach' her something!

Colin took Roo to her TKD lesson today while I soaked in a hot bath. I've been in agony all day with period pains (which surprisingly haven't been aleviated by consuming twice my own body weight in chocolate - funny that.) He brought her back and is at his own lesson now.

We had a fab weekend. Romy had her XMA/Leadership lesson at TKD on Saturday morning. We came home for her to get changed and then she went off with Colin to Archaeology club at the museum while I had a scoot round town. It felt really weird walking around Roo-less, but it was also really good, 'cos I could look at clothes and stuff without a bored child/husband tagging along. Everything was far too expensive though. It's all well and good losing weight but you need money for new clothes :o( Just a bit of window shopping was nice though. Romy had a fab time at the museum. It was Investigating Alphabets this time. They looked at inscriptions on coins/jewellery, etc and used worksheets to record what each object said, what language it was in, what the translation is and drew a picture of each thing.

After that it was home to change yet again, this time into party dress. Romy was really chuffed to be the only kid from her class to be invited to the TKD owner's daughter's birthday party. All the other kids there were 11 so she felt very honoured, lol. They had a disco and Romy was picked as best dancer apparently ;o) We left Little Miss Independent enjoying herself and went for a walk with Tilly along the river in Brigg. Unfortunately it started peeing it down so we went back to find Romy munching lots of vegan food that they'd provided for her. She got a party bag full of vegan sweets too at the end which was lovely. Ooh, just remembered a bit of "English" Roo did today; wrote a Thank You card to M for inviting her, rofl. Clutching at straws anyone?

Saturday evening was spent slobbing in front of the T.V, making petal fairies and messing about with the video recorder on my mobile. Many giggles as we taped Colin snoring in the chair and woke him to show him, lol.

Mother's day was lovely. I woke up to breakfast in bed and a lovely card and present. Absolutely love the "World's Best Mum on Board" sign. I stuck it in the car straight away. Smug, moi??? ;o)

This year we all made some scoffs to take round to my Mum's and had a buffet. It was lovely. We were all there except my older brother (who'd been round earlier.) Me and my Sis' even did the washing and drying afterwards, lol. We stayed there for a while (could've stayed all day!) and then hot-footed it to Grimsby to visit Colin's Mum and back to Scunny to see his Step-Mum. Phew! The day ended with a bit more pampering for me though as Colin taped Derren Brown for me and told me to go and relax in the bath. Bliss!

So, we didn't manage to do a drawing today and we won't have time tomorrow (off to play and Nikki and Emily's) but I think we're doing Mick Inkpen on Weds.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Richard Scarry.

'Absolutely bonkers illustrator from my childhood' Richard Scarry today. Romy did the front cover from Lowly Worm's Story Book: And I did the front cover from The Best Baby-sitter Ever:
Romy then researched him on t'internet and printed a page out about him to put in her project. We listened to lots of music whilst we drew and then Romy did the 15 spellings she had trouble with from yesterday. She got nine of them right this time, so we did the six again and so on until they were all right.

Roo did a bit of self-directed work this morning. She made laminated fact cards about each of the guinea pigs. She used her books to look up what type of piggy each is (apparently Willow is a Non-Self Crested Sheltie - try saying that without your teeth in!) Here's a scan of what she did. Note Scrappy's favourite hobby; biting people, rofl!

There was no swimming lesson tonight. We got there and the leisure centre was closed. Apparently there had been an electrical fire :o( Romy's having a swim in the bath instead :o) Busy day tomorrow. Well busy weekend really. Will blog it on Sunday hopefully.

Just seen vegan Simpsons Easter egg on Lucy's blog. Missed that one at Tesco's today, but I did see two or three others. Makes a nice change to have a choice for Romy (and an alternative to Evil Nestle's After Eights!)

Ooh, just nicked this idea from Lucy's blog too. A blog word cloud. Here's ours:

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lauren Child.

Our absolute favourite modern children's authour/illustrator today. We couldn't get them exactly the same as hers as she uses fabric and other stuff to make her pictures more like collages. I think she uses a computer to do all that. We just settled for pencil crayons, lol. Romy's is of Clarice Bean looking cross at her neighbour Robert Granger because he's stolen the school guinea pig, and mine is from Charlie and Lola (I am not tired and I will not go to bed.)

After the drawings Romy looked up Lauren Child on Google and printed some stuff off to put in her project. Then she did 50 spellings of high frequency words. 35 of them she had no trouble with and we'll do the other 15 again tomorrow until she gets them off to a tee :0)

Had a very odd experience this afternoon; my sister Jenny rang my new mobile on video phone. How freaky!!! Romy was in hysterics. As well as being able to see the person you're talking to you can see yourself in a little box at the bottom. Romy kept shoving things in front of the camera for Jenny to see. It's a bit weird though 'cos you just keep thinking "ooh, look at me, I look awful" instead of concentrating on the conversation. No nose picking then, lol.

Looking forward to breakfast in bed (after a lie-in!!!) on Sunday for Mother's Day. *Hint*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Marvellous Magnesium!

All this time I've been searching for things to cut out of my diet to stop the cardiac arrhythmia I've suffered from EVERY DAY since August when what I really needed to do was ADD something: Magnesium!! So simple, yet I'd never have known about it unless I'd joined a Yahoo! support group for people with PVC's (premature ventricular contractions.) People on there suggested Co-enzyme Q10, so I bought some of that. Then I read that magnesium could help, so I started taking that and...wham! The arrhythmia disappeared the first day I took it. Touch wood, it's been five or six days now and I'm really excited :o) Keep your fingers crossed for me.

This morning Roo and I went for a walk accross the field to Pets at Home to get the piggies some food. They kept shouting at us whenever we moved because they hate the different food we'd bought them last time, lol. We had a good old sing-song on the way (didn't care if people thought we were mad!) Even the cheerful singing couldn't detract from the state of the field we had to cross. I kid you not when I say it was like a bloody land-fill site :o( Old computers, prams, baby walkers, broken glass, plastic bottles, umbrellas, etc, etc, ad nauseam. Yuck! On the way back Roo had a nice play in the park and I even had a swing and a go on the see-saw with her. Tee hee.

When we got home Romy did a balloon rocket science experiment. She gathered the stuff together and set it up herself. She was in stitches as the balloon shot along the string (it was attatched by a straw and sellotape) so of course had to repeat it several times until I dragged her away to do some maths (place values and odds and evens) Boring Mummy ;o) We also squeezed in a bit more writing practice before we did today's illustrator for the art project.

Today's Illustrator was Nick Butterworth of Percy the Park-keeper fame. Romy used to absolutely love those books when she was younger (and I loved reading them!) Here's Romy's little rabbit jumping into some grass followed by my picture of Percy and friends falling from the sky along with bits of his grass cutter/flying machine. (Paper's a bit wrinkled from the water colours.)
We were sooooo proud of Romy tonight at Taekwondo. She had her first Masters lesson and did ever so well. It's a much smaller class, so she was getting lots of one-to-one tuition, (well, we're paying enough, lol.) She also got her second tip on her belt tonight. Graduation at the end of next month!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dr. Seuss.

Romy's picture of The Berenstein Bears for the project...

And mine of The Cat in the Hat... Romy's folder is looking really good now. Room for 13 more illustrators though!! After we'd researched The Man Himself Romy did some maths (Greater than and less than symbols,) did some more handwriting and made this lovely Rainbows/Brownies/Guides picture by folding and cutting:
She took it to Rainbows tonight to show everyone :o)

Off to see the Wizard now. (We're reading The Wizard of Oz.) Romy is making me chuckle by singing the lesser know Kaiser Chiefs song "I pricked a radish" ("I predict a riot.")

Babette Cole...

...Was the featured illustrator in our project yesterday. We both used watercolours for the first time. I must say I'm mightily impressed with both our efforts. We used Colin's paint set as he enjoys watercolours. Here's Romy's gorilla in a stripy swimsuit and crown from "Princess Smartypants" followed by my Grandad and Witch from "The trouble with Grandad."

Our weekend was less than relaxing. My Mum rang on Saturday to say that a close relative had been rushed into hospital. There was a tense few hours while she had a late-night operation before we found out that she was ok. I'd just put the 'phone down from my Mum at 1am when Tilly had a fit. This one seemed to last for ages and because she was on our floor-boarded bedroom floor she made a right racket. Poor thing. We're going to have her spayed to see if that cures her before putting her on tablets. The vet said it can sometimes be aggravated by hormones and she only started fitting after her first season, so we'll have to see.

Yesterday we went right back-to-basics with handwriting using a chalk board and dry-wipe felt-tip board. Romy seemed to enjoy it and there was little evidence of the usual frustration when a letter goes wrong. After we'd done the watercolours and researched Babette Cole we gave the guinea pigs a bath, much to their utter disgust :o) At Taekwondo last night Romy was very excited to get two letters. One was an invitation to the owner's daughter's 11th birthday party. The other was an invitation for her to join the Master's class. Normally you can't join that class until you're a green belt (which Romy will be in May.) So last night she was taken to the side with a couple of others and taught some knife-defence and pressure-point techniques. Where's my little girl gone? First Brownies and now this! LOL.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Today is a Special Day.

Today we are remembering someone very special. xxxx

Friday, March 17, 2006

And today's illustrator is....

Georgie Ripper! She draws the Rainbow/weather/party/jewel fairies for the Daisy Meadows books. Just very simple ink drawings this time, but much more difficult than they look for some reason. I found these loads harder to draw than the other stuff we've done. I've used the scanner this time instead of trying to photograph them. Here's Romy's picture followed by mine: This morning we got up really early (for us!) to take poor little Toby to the vet for his operation. Colin has just walked in with him after collecting him on his way home from work. It was just as I'd suspected; he has no bottom teeth! Therefore there's nothing for him to grind his top ones against, so they just grew and grew. Now we know that we'll be able to keep an eye on him. He'll have to go in every few months to have it done again. Poor thing :o( At least it wasn't too expensive at £12 though.

After dropping 'The Tobester' off we nipped into town to look for Brownie stuff in charity shops, lol. I actually managed to find a pair of these trousers for £1.50 brand new! The only downside is that they're waaaay too big for Roo ;o) Didn't realise how big they were until she actually tried on at home. Never mind, she'll grow into them. Either that or I hear eBay calling...

Next week we've decided to concentrate on writing. Romy wants to be a bit more confident with her handwriting and spelling before starting Brownies as she'll be with lots of 'big girls'. I can see we'll be in for a fun-filled week then; she loves reading but really doesn't like writing!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sabre-toothed Guinea Pig.

Last night I noticed that poor Toby was looking a bit thin so we weighed him. He used to be 1kg and he'd gone down to 875g. I looked at his teeth and sure enough, they'd become really overgrown (and I mean really overgrown!!) The poor thing was starving as he couldn't eat. First thing this morning I rang the vet and explained things to the nurse who gave us an appt for 12. We duly trundled along expecting to leave the poor boy there for an operation... Er no. The stupid vet said we'd have to bring him in tomorrow for the op as the woman who does it wasn't in today. Blimey! Why didn't they just say that when I explained to the sodding nurse on the phone??? This way they got the consultation fee from us for today and we'll have to pay for the op tomorrow too. On the way home we had to buy some baby food for the poor piggy so that he can at least eat something tonight. My Step-Dad Robert gave us a lift in his work's van, so Romy at least got some excitement out of the unecessary journey, lol.
If you don't want to see inside a guinea pig's mouth look away now ;o)


Todays illustrator for the art project was Sally Hunter (of Humphrey's Corner fame.) This is a personal favourite of mine and I've copied a few of her drawings before. Below is Romy's drawing of Humphrey holding a teddy and mine of Lottie (Humphrey's big sister.)

Romy learnt a lot about shading, different pencil textures and art materials. We compared and contrasted these pictures with yesterdays' bold and bright Mr. Men ones we did. These were supposed to be done in pencil and water colours but we used pencil and pencil crayon instead. We looked up Sally Hunter on t'internet and found this fabulous site. We spent a while looking at all the gorgeous stuff on there. We also tried to find a photo of Roger Hargreaves for yesterday's section but had no luck :o(

I finally received payment for some buttons I had listed on eBay so I've been using the money to bid on some Brownie stuff for Roo (I know. I couldn't resist though. She's sooo excited!)

This evening we decided to give Taekwondo a miss and go out for a rare treat. We settled on a game of bowling (only one, it was soooo expensive!!) Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for a vegan pizza and salad. Romy was getting her salad bowl and I turned my back for a second only to find her with both hands digging in the lettuce!!! There was no set of tongs so she'd decided to use her hands ;o) The woman was really good about it and just took it off to throw it away and get some more, but I was slightly embarassed (though not as much as Romy was herself.)

Anyway, here's Romy enjoying herself bowling...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Art Project!

We got a great idea for a new project today. Last night Romy and I were reading some Mr. Men and Little Miss books in bed and I suggested we had a go at drawing some of the pictures tomorrow (today) so that's what we've been doing this afternoon. Then I started wondering about Roger Hargreaves as I really used to love his books when I was a kid. I remember my Mum reading us Mr. Men books every night before we went to sleep. Anyway, we decided that it would be good to do an art project and concentrate on a different illustrator/artist each day. We're going to draw one or two of their pictures and learn about them. Romy's going to put all hers in a folder with clear pockets to display it all. It should look great when it's done. One of Romy's efforts is above, along with one of mine. It was great fun (I love using felt tips, lol.) And we learnt a lot too. I didn't realise he was only 53 when he died in 1988 :o(

This morning we spent a while looking at the Brownies website. Romy got a letter last night at Rainbows to say she'll only be going twice more before starting at Brownies. I was surprised because she isn't seven yet. Thankfully she'll be moving up with two other girls (one of which is Abigail, a very good friend of hers) so she won''t be making the change on her own. She's been very excited today thinking about it, but she's also a bit nervous I think. It's the closest she'll ever feel to changing schools I suppose ;o) And we all know how nerve wracking that can be! We've been looking at the uniform on eBay and on the Brownies site. There seems to be masses of the stuff! You don't need it all, but still, I can see we're going to have to think about re-mortgaging, lol. *Thinks* Hmmm... It's Romy's birthday coming up! Relatives can help out then :o)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bits and Bobs.

We've been drawing (see above), making dens, having friends round to play, tidying, medicating guinea pigs, doing sums, going to Rainbows and Taekwondo, reading tons, and making chocolate biscuits (amongst other things :o))

Friday, March 10, 2006

Drumroll...... The Project Is Finished!!

At flippin' last :o) *Exhales* Well, it got to the end of the week and it was obvious we would never finish the darn thing, so we manically did as much as possible today and then I added a page at the back detailing what we would have done had we had more time, lol. It was either that or carry it on into next week which neither of us really wanted to do. It will be a relief to take some of the gazillions of Medieval books back to the library tomorrow :o)

Anyway, the finishing touches today were:
-A page about St. Joan of Arc.
-List and drawings of castle's defences and methods of attack.
-Redoing the monarchy timeline as it was too cramped on one page (it now spans four pages!)
-A few pages about heraldry/shields/coats-of-arms.
-A couple more pages about The Plague (complete with pictures of flea/rat/human infection cycle, lol.)

Romy's really proud of what she's done and so am I. She's tried really hard and done lots of writing in this one. No doubt she'll be showing it around at my Mum's on Sunday :o)

Lovely surprise for Roo in the post this morning; the next book from that Pony Carousel series sent by Nikki and Emily. Emily also included a lovely letter. Wish I got nice post like that :o)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Please sign this petition!!!

If you could take a minute to sign this I'd be eternally grateful. It makes me sick to my stomach :o(

Just a quickie today: Spent the day doing loads of ironing (I have the blister to prove it!) Whilst being on hand to help Roo with her work. She did really well looking stuff up in her books that she needed. She really got the hang of using the index and contents pages. As well as doing some more work on her project she did some phonics work and some maths. She's now making lots of things for her dolls house out of cardboard and tinfoil :o)

Amazing blog post.

I have just read this fantastic blog post. Read it and weep.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Devil Pig V Saintly Vet.

Took the piggy to the vet today. His diarrhoea isn't getting any better and neither is his gammy eye. The lovely vet very nearly lost a finger. She was amazed at how 'lively' he was, lol. I had to hold him in such a way that his leg was in the way of biting my hand. The daft little eejit then ended up chewing his own leg! We came away with eye drops and stuff to syringe feed him with, which has been... how do you say... FUN! I've volunteered to do the feeding/dropping while Colin holds him ;o) Three times a day for the next seven days. Great.

Before and after the lunch time trip to the vet we managed to get some work done. Romy finished off the senses worksheet about what she would experience in a castle. She then started to draw the different people who lived/worked in castles. Got to finish that tomorrow. We had a very interesting discussion about history in the afternoon. Romy asked me how people know what life was really like in Medieval days, so I asked her what she thought. She actually knew the answer; that people use paintings, writings and archaeological finds to piece together a picture of what happened. She just had to think about it :o)

Art today consisted of drawing a very detailed picture of a Border Collie dog and then painting it with a fine brush. Romy also spent some more time studying the Royal time line. She asked a lot of questions about the Royal Family and we talked about who was born when and who is in line to the throne. Couldn't remember Anne's son's name though, lol.

We read lots of Aesop's fables last night. We had a good laugh at how odd some of them were and how abruptly they end. We researched Aesop and I was surprised at how long ago he lived (I'm a bit fick me.) Romy had us all in hysterics just before bedtime by making up her own fables with completely off the wall titles ('The Potato and the Egg' being one of them!) She's so comical sometimes.

At the moment she's working on a series of magazines for some game or other she's playing. I'll have to get her to write in a card for her friend who's birthday it is tomorrow before she goes to bed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another productive day.

We did loads more towards the Medieval project today. All about castles this time. Romy answered some questions about motte and bailey castles and then labelled the different parts in a picture. One of the questions was about who first built castles in England and why. So I was just about to look up William the conqueror in the book about Kings and Queens when Romy said "He's the French one who beat King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He built castles to protect himself because people didn't like him." Okaaay... Well that made me think "Why are we bothering to write all this stuff down?" She clearly knows lots and remembers almost everything we've read. She hates writing stuff down though but you get into that school mentality where you believe they have to produce some written work as 'proof' of what they know. I suppose things have to be like that in school. Romy really wants to make this project nice though as she really enjoys looking back on her work. This is going to be one to make her really proud :o)

After looking at the old Motte and Baileys, we compared them to the later stone castles. Romy wrote a little bit about the purpose of each part (walls, drawbridge, etc.) I then made her a worksheet with three columns. She had to imagine she was in a Medieval castle and write down what she could smell/see/hear. She got most of that done but can finish it tomorrow. After that Romy made her own worksheet and filled it in!

After reading about the free timeline you can get from Buckingham Palace to celebrate Queen Lizzie's birthday on Nikki's blog I sent off for one for Roo. It came today and she was fascinated with it. She spread it out on the living room floor and studied it for ages. She even went off to get the Kings and Queens book to find out the recent lineage before QE2. I was well impressed with her. It just proves to me that autonomous learning works. Some of the stuff Romy comes out with I know for a fact no-one has taught her. She's just picked it up from somewhere. In fact most of the stuff i try and teach her she just forgets ;o) It comes back time and again to trusting your child and not obsessing over what they 'need' to learn I think.

It was a good day for mail for Roo as she also received a letter from my Mum with a scratch card in that had won £1. She'll be able to cash it in and buy something nice.

Colin is out teaching first aid tonight so we've been out to Rainbows and Roo has just read me a book called 'Rita in Wonderworld' about a girl who has special powers and saves people in danger. She's just filling in her reading diary with that and three other books we've read recently while I type this. Then we're going to read some more Fables from that mad person Aesop ;o)

The Plague tomorrow I think!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Ok, he's freaking me out now. How can anything this cute be so scary??? He's terrorising the whole family; biting anyone who dares to try and clean his gammy eye/pick him up for a cuddle/generally get in his way. He follows us into the kitchen demanding food by sqeaking at 200 decibels. The other two piggies stand on the threshold of the kitchen gazing in awe at this tiny tyrant. They can hardly contain their admiration for him as they follow the Scary Little Thing around, almost peeing their furry little pants with excitement. I've never known anything like it. They're in raptures over him. All three of them are asleep in a bundle under the dining room table as I type :o)

Well, we certainly got some project stuff done today. We tried to cover Knights but there was no way we could get it all done in a day. We had to be brief with everything really because there's so much to do. Romy drew pictures to represent the stages in becoming a Knight, then we learnt about the different horses they used for various jobs (pack horses, war horses, etc.) Romy drew one of each of those too and then wrote a bit about how much each type of horse would have cost. Finally we did a bit about Chivalry, writing down key words and ideas around the central word Chivalry.

We picked up Aesop's Fables from Tesco the other day for under a quid so we've been reading lots of those and having fun trying to descern what the moral of the stories are. In some cases we were totally baffled! It has led to lots of discussions about morals though. Very interesting. Romy read me a lovely book from the library about fairies too today. We also played paper dress-up dolls and danced to the Cha-cha slide, Timewarp and Amarillo, lol. Oh and here's Roo's dog bed finally finished.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I think we bought a broken guinea pig...

...He has diarrhoea again. Not to mention a gammy eye and the temper of Medusa with PMT. He's a biter, which anyone who knows piggies will tell you is highly unusual. How can something so cute be so vicious? Ho-hum.

Forgot to say that on the way to Lincoln the other day we were treated to a full display by the Red Arrows. It was fantastic! They must have been practicing for the upcoming show season. How Colin managed to keep his eyes on the road I don't know.

The other day I found a book I'd written in from being pregnant with Romy right up until she was 5. I read some of it out to her in bed and it was lovely. She really enjoyed listening about the things she'd done as a toddler and I was almost in tears (sometimes of laughter) when reading about the things she'd said. I knew she was a clever kid at the time but reading back now I can hardly believe a two-year-old could say some of the things she did. For example, once she was being daft and Colin must've looked at her funny so she said "Hmm, I bet you're thinking 'Oh what a weird person', aren't you?" Other things she said were typically hilarious two-year-old-isms, like "Where can I put this pencil skin?" when sharpening a pencil, and "What shall I do with these naked videos?" when helping me tidy up and coming across some videos without cases. She seems so grown up now.

On Weds Emily and Nikki came round for the afternoon. We also looked after my friend's 17-month-old son for a while. He was a pleasure to have but really opened my eyes to how un-baby proof my house is ;o) He was very fond of the piggies though. Poor Willow was almost squeezed to death!! Nikki very kindly gave Romy this book. It is very much in the same vein as the Rainbow Fairy books. This one is about a girl who goes on a pony carousel and is transported back to Medieval times. You can imagine how well that went down with Roo, lol. Needless to say it was read that same evening! Talking of the Rainbow Fairies books, we got the new World Book Day one for free with the voucher from Tesco's 'Hannah the Happy Ever After Fairy'. That was read straight away too ;o)

The other day I taught Romy the alphabet in Sign Language. We practiced saying "My name is..." Can't remember much else from when I did level one. I told Roo that we'd be able to send secret messages to each other now, lol.

Romy's been watching a few schools programmes lately. They're surprisingly educational, rofl. We watched one the other day about Tudor life and Roo was pleased to learn that Queen Elizabeth I was home educated :o)

I finally sat down and worked out what else we need to do on our Medieval project, so this week is set aside to FINISH it. There. I've written it down now. Got to do it, there are witnesses! Romy did a lovely picture that spanned four sheets of A4 (that will have to be folded up to fit in said project) of a Medieval market. It's complete with dancing monkey and sword swallower!

Yesterday Romy had the Worst Taekwondo Lesson Ever. The owners have gone away on (yet another) holiday (paid for by us) and left The Morons in charge. I was incensed to hear this bloke telling all the kids to give advertisement cards out to all their friends and even strangers in the street and if any of them joined the kid would be given £10. Can you friggin' believe it??? Bribery. Talking to strangers. I'm speechless. Sometimes I wish Romy didn't love that place so much. I'd love to start looking for somewhere else for her to train but she's made loads of friends there and won't hear about leaving.

Anyway, We've had a nice weekend with Tilly. Spoilt her rotten with cuddles again :o) Went to my Mum's for Sunday dinner and Romy had a great time playing with her two cousins. Now we're Tilly-less again for the week and ready for some hard work (she says.)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Scrappy's Home!!

I rang Pets at Sodding Home this morning and asked if we could come and fetch him. "Oh yes, he's absolutely fine" says the Gimboid assistant. Er, ok, so why didn't they ring me? How long were they planning on keeping him for? Anyway, off we traipsed across the field (in glorious sunshine!) to pick him up. We nearly ended up bringing an extra one home too ;o) The woman took us through into a 'secret room' and there was a fully grown piggy in there. It was one they hadn't been able to sell. I asked what they did with the ones they couldn't sell and she told me they either give them away or one of the employees have to take them home. Blimey I thought, if this one's free would one more make a difference? So off she went to ask. Fortunately it wasn't to give away yet, and it was a girl anyway, so we couldn't have taken her anyway, phew!

So peace has been restored to Piggy Towers. Well, actually it's far from peaceful as they're extremely chattery at the moment. Little Scrappy seems to have put the spark back into Willow and Toby's life and it's lovely to see. They were so quiet before. I think they were missing Pippy as they used to follow him around (he knew all the best mischief!)