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Friday, March 17, 2006

And today's illustrator is....

Georgie Ripper! She draws the Rainbow/weather/party/jewel fairies for the Daisy Meadows books. Just very simple ink drawings this time, but much more difficult than they look for some reason. I found these loads harder to draw than the other stuff we've done. I've used the scanner this time instead of trying to photograph them. Here's Romy's picture followed by mine: This morning we got up really early (for us!) to take poor little Toby to the vet for his operation. Colin has just walked in with him after collecting him on his way home from work. It was just as I'd suspected; he has no bottom teeth! Therefore there's nothing for him to grind his top ones against, so they just grew and grew. Now we know that we'll be able to keep an eye on him. He'll have to go in every few months to have it done again. Poor thing :o( At least it wasn't too expensive at £12 though.

After dropping 'The Tobester' off we nipped into town to look for Brownie stuff in charity shops, lol. I actually managed to find a pair of these trousers for £1.50 brand new! The only downside is that they're waaaay too big for Roo ;o) Didn't realise how big they were until she actually tried on at home. Never mind, she'll grow into them. Either that or I hear eBay calling...

Next week we've decided to concentrate on writing. Romy wants to be a bit more confident with her handwriting and spelling before starting Brownies as she'll be with lots of 'big girls'. I can see we'll be in for a fun-filled week then; she loves reading but really doesn't like writing!


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