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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Another productive day.

We did loads more towards the Medieval project today. All about castles this time. Romy answered some questions about motte and bailey castles and then labelled the different parts in a picture. One of the questions was about who first built castles in England and why. So I was just about to look up William the conqueror in the book about Kings and Queens when Romy said "He's the French one who beat King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He built castles to protect himself because people didn't like him." Okaaay... Well that made me think "Why are we bothering to write all this stuff down?" She clearly knows lots and remembers almost everything we've read. She hates writing stuff down though but you get into that school mentality where you believe they have to produce some written work as 'proof' of what they know. I suppose things have to be like that in school. Romy really wants to make this project nice though as she really enjoys looking back on her work. This is going to be one to make her really proud :o)

After looking at the old Motte and Baileys, we compared them to the later stone castles. Romy wrote a little bit about the purpose of each part (walls, drawbridge, etc.) I then made her a worksheet with three columns. She had to imagine she was in a Medieval castle and write down what she could smell/see/hear. She got most of that done but can finish it tomorrow. After that Romy made her own worksheet and filled it in!

After reading about the free timeline you can get from Buckingham Palace to celebrate Queen Lizzie's birthday on Nikki's blog I sent off for one for Roo. It came today and she was fascinated with it. She spread it out on the living room floor and studied it for ages. She even went off to get the Kings and Queens book to find out the recent lineage before QE2. I was well impressed with her. It just proves to me that autonomous learning works. Some of the stuff Romy comes out with I know for a fact no-one has taught her. She's just picked it up from somewhere. In fact most of the stuff i try and teach her she just forgets ;o) It comes back time and again to trusting your child and not obsessing over what they 'need' to learn I think.

It was a good day for mail for Roo as she also received a letter from my Mum with a scratch card in that had won £1. She'll be able to cash it in and buy something nice.

Colin is out teaching first aid tonight so we've been out to Rainbows and Roo has just read me a book called 'Rita in Wonderworld' about a girl who has special powers and saves people in danger. She's just filling in her reading diary with that and three other books we've read recently while I type this. Then we're going to read some more Fables from that mad person Aesop ;o)

The Plague tomorrow I think!


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