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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Babette Cole...

...Was the featured illustrator in our project yesterday. We both used watercolours for the first time. I must say I'm mightily impressed with both our efforts. We used Colin's paint set as he enjoys watercolours. Here's Romy's gorilla in a stripy swimsuit and crown from "Princess Smartypants" followed by my Grandad and Witch from "The trouble with Grandad."

Our weekend was less than relaxing. My Mum rang on Saturday to say that a close relative had been rushed into hospital. There was a tense few hours while she had a late-night operation before we found out that she was ok. I'd just put the 'phone down from my Mum at 1am when Tilly had a fit. This one seemed to last for ages and because she was on our floor-boarded bedroom floor she made a right racket. Poor thing. We're going to have her spayed to see if that cures her before putting her on tablets. The vet said it can sometimes be aggravated by hormones and she only started fitting after her first season, so we'll have to see.

Yesterday we went right back-to-basics with handwriting using a chalk board and dry-wipe felt-tip board. Romy seemed to enjoy it and there was little evidence of the usual frustration when a letter goes wrong. After we'd done the watercolours and researched Babette Cole we gave the guinea pigs a bath, much to their utter disgust :o) At Taekwondo last night Romy was very excited to get two letters. One was an invitation to the owner's daughter's 11th birthday party. The other was an invitation for her to join the Master's class. Normally you can't join that class until you're a green belt (which Romy will be in May.) So last night she was taken to the side with a couple of others and taught some knife-defence and pressure-point techniques. Where's my little girl gone? First Brownies and now this! LOL.


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