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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Devil Pig V Saintly Vet.

Took the piggy to the vet today. His diarrhoea isn't getting any better and neither is his gammy eye. The lovely vet very nearly lost a finger. She was amazed at how 'lively' he was, lol. I had to hold him in such a way that his leg was in the way of biting my hand. The daft little eejit then ended up chewing his own leg! We came away with eye drops and stuff to syringe feed him with, which has been... how do you say... FUN! I've volunteered to do the feeding/dropping while Colin holds him ;o) Three times a day for the next seven days. Great.

Before and after the lunch time trip to the vet we managed to get some work done. Romy finished off the senses worksheet about what she would experience in a castle. She then started to draw the different people who lived/worked in castles. Got to finish that tomorrow. We had a very interesting discussion about history in the afternoon. Romy asked me how people know what life was really like in Medieval days, so I asked her what she thought. She actually knew the answer; that people use paintings, writings and archaeological finds to piece together a picture of what happened. She just had to think about it :o)

Art today consisted of drawing a very detailed picture of a Border Collie dog and then painting it with a fine brush. Romy also spent some more time studying the Royal time line. She asked a lot of questions about the Royal Family and we talked about who was born when and who is in line to the throne. Couldn't remember Anne's son's name though, lol.

We read lots of Aesop's fables last night. We had a good laugh at how odd some of them were and how abruptly they end. We researched Aesop and I was surprised at how long ago he lived (I'm a bit fick me.) Romy had us all in hysterics just before bedtime by making up her own fables with completely off the wall titles ('The Potato and the Egg' being one of them!) She's so comical sometimes.

At the moment she's working on a series of magazines for some game or other she's playing. I'll have to get her to write in a card for her friend who's birthday it is tomorrow before she goes to bed.


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