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Monday, March 06, 2006


Ok, he's freaking me out now. How can anything this cute be so scary??? He's terrorising the whole family; biting anyone who dares to try and clean his gammy eye/pick him up for a cuddle/generally get in his way. He follows us into the kitchen demanding food by sqeaking at 200 decibels. The other two piggies stand on the threshold of the kitchen gazing in awe at this tiny tyrant. They can hardly contain their admiration for him as they follow the Scary Little Thing around, almost peeing their furry little pants with excitement. I've never known anything like it. They're in raptures over him. All three of them are asleep in a bundle under the dining room table as I type :o)

Well, we certainly got some project stuff done today. We tried to cover Knights but there was no way we could get it all done in a day. We had to be brief with everything really because there's so much to do. Romy drew pictures to represent the stages in becoming a Knight, then we learnt about the different horses they used for various jobs (pack horses, war horses, etc.) Romy drew one of each of those too and then wrote a bit about how much each type of horse would have cost. Finally we did a bit about Chivalry, writing down key words and ideas around the central word Chivalry.

We picked up Aesop's Fables from Tesco the other day for under a quid so we've been reading lots of those and having fun trying to descern what the moral of the stories are. In some cases we were totally baffled! It has led to lots of discussions about morals though. Very interesting. Romy read me a lovely book from the library about fairies too today. We also played paper dress-up dolls and danced to the Cha-cha slide, Timewarp and Amarillo, lol. Oh and here's Roo's dog bed finally finished.


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