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Monday, March 27, 2006

Does this count as Media Studies? :o)

This morning we got up very late and decided to have a leisurely breakfast in bed (PJ smoothie and vegan chocolate spread on toast - yum!) Then, still in bed, we read the last few chapters of The Wizard of Oz that we couldn't quite manage last night. Romy has thoroughly enjoyed this book and it is her new mini-obsession. She's acting out a sequel at the moment with her Playmobil figures, lol. Anyway, when we finally dragged our lazy bums downstairs at gone lunch time, what was on the doormat along with the bills? The Oz DVD I got Roo off eBay!! The upshot was that all thoughts of the work we were going to do went out of the window and we snuggled down on the settee to watch. I'm ashamed to say I've never ever seen the movie or read the book. Having Romy has enabled me to discover tons of childhood classics for the very first time. What on earth did I do as a child??? Play out in the street and listen to Shakin' Stevens records I think ;o)

By the time the film had finished it was time for Colin to come home and Roo to get ready for TKD. Cue Bad Mother thoughts; what had we done all day? That is until I remembered all the stuff Roo had learnt by listening to the story (she asked loads of questions along the way) and the long discussion we had after the film comparing and contrasting the plots, speculating about why they'd had to omit/add/alter certain parts, talked about special effects, cinematography, the actors, costumes, etc. The thing is, none of this was forced or planned, it's just natural learning that occurs spontaneously and with much enjoyment. Romy remembers every little thing about it too which doesn't happen when I try and 'teach' her something!

Colin took Roo to her TKD lesson today while I soaked in a hot bath. I've been in agony all day with period pains (which surprisingly haven't been aleviated by consuming twice my own body weight in chocolate - funny that.) He brought her back and is at his own lesson now.

We had a fab weekend. Romy had her XMA/Leadership lesson at TKD on Saturday morning. We came home for her to get changed and then she went off with Colin to Archaeology club at the museum while I had a scoot round town. It felt really weird walking around Roo-less, but it was also really good, 'cos I could look at clothes and stuff without a bored child/husband tagging along. Everything was far too expensive though. It's all well and good losing weight but you need money for new clothes :o( Just a bit of window shopping was nice though. Romy had a fab time at the museum. It was Investigating Alphabets this time. They looked at inscriptions on coins/jewellery, etc and used worksheets to record what each object said, what language it was in, what the translation is and drew a picture of each thing.

After that it was home to change yet again, this time into party dress. Romy was really chuffed to be the only kid from her class to be invited to the TKD owner's daughter's birthday party. All the other kids there were 11 so she felt very honoured, lol. They had a disco and Romy was picked as best dancer apparently ;o) We left Little Miss Independent enjoying herself and went for a walk with Tilly along the river in Brigg. Unfortunately it started peeing it down so we went back to find Romy munching lots of vegan food that they'd provided for her. She got a party bag full of vegan sweets too at the end which was lovely. Ooh, just remembered a bit of "English" Roo did today; wrote a Thank You card to M for inviting her, rofl. Clutching at straws anyone?

Saturday evening was spent slobbing in front of the T.V, making petal fairies and messing about with the video recorder on my mobile. Many giggles as we taped Colin snoring in the chair and woke him to show him, lol.

Mother's day was lovely. I woke up to breakfast in bed and a lovely card and present. Absolutely love the "World's Best Mum on Board" sign. I stuck it in the car straight away. Smug, moi??? ;o)

This year we all made some scoffs to take round to my Mum's and had a buffet. It was lovely. We were all there except my older brother (who'd been round earlier.) Me and my Sis' even did the washing and drying afterwards, lol. We stayed there for a while (could've stayed all day!) and then hot-footed it to Grimsby to visit Colin's Mum and back to Scunny to see his Step-Mum. Phew! The day ended with a bit more pampering for me though as Colin taped Derren Brown for me and told me to go and relax in the bath. Bliss!

So, we didn't manage to do a drawing today and we won't have time tomorrow (off to play and Nikki and Emily's) but I think we're doing Mick Inkpen on Weds.


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